Sitting uncomfortably

I am in pain – physically and emotionally.
Every time I shift my position at my desk, either my back, shoulders or thighs scream out in protest.
It would be fine if this was the after-affect of extreme pilates (an Avatar themed class is scheduled for tonight, that could be extreme…) or an intense run, but it’s not.

It is in fact, the result of an initial foray into the world of pole dancing. Actually, ‘world of’ is a little too grand. There was a bar, downstairs it had a pole, where for about 10 minutes I attempted to swing on it – failing to complete a single 360° revolution. The shame.

I therefore have a whole new level of respect for pole dancers. Turns out it’s quite a physically demanding occupation – you need thighs of steel and fantastic upper body strength. Perhaps the campaign to have it as an Olympic sport isn’t so far-fetched after all.

Just in case any of you were a little concerned as to the direction my interests seem to be heading (a friend at church last night wondered if I was having my teenage rebellion a little late in life), I’m solely interested in its artistic and physical fitness merits – the scantily cladness and seduction techniques not so much.

Simply attempting the pole lands me with another 2010 first. Taking it a step further and signing up for the pole dancing fitness class at the gym would see me tick ‘take a dance class’ off the list, though it’s not at all what I had in mind at the time.

Saturday night was educational in other ways – I learnt new things about my camera (relating to the mysterious ISO count – very useful), discovered several things about the birthday girl that I didn’t already know (apparently I also declared her best friend to be my new best friend on the basis of some story she told), and realised that it is never, ever, a good idea to press ‘send’ on that text message at the end of a night…

[Oh, and in case you’re disappointed that this post doesn’t come complete with photo of my efforts on the pole, unfortunately, despite my camera getting passed round the group for most of the evening, it was in my pocket at that precise moment. Of course, I ensured I got shots of the others, wouldn’t want to miss that Facebook opportunity…]