Texas in numbers

I have returned from the land of Cowboys… Life is something of a blurry haze currently, what with the early morning arrival at Heathrow, a mid-morning nap, a bit of work, a big meeting tonight (which I must stay awake through), and – of course – returning to a flat I’m in the process of moving out of. There are many Texan blogposts to be written (most drafted the old school way while on location), but for now I’ll simply give you a few stats:

  • Non-ironic Stetson wearing sightings: 10 
  • Frozen alcoholic beverages consumed: 6
  • Mosquito bites acquired: 17 (Approximately. 8 of which occurred in 5 mins.)
  • Open air swims: 5
  • Guns held: 2 (Guns shot: 1)
  • Hamburgers eaten: 3
  • Old friends caught up with: 10
  • New friends made: 14
  • Iced teas drunk: 14
I learnt a few valuable Texan lessons – including the importance of staying well-hydrated in hot climate, especially when drinking alcohol; and how to deal with snakes on the road. Oh, and I did a little bit of shopping and returned wearing this: 
Hello Cowboys! 

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