Niche and childish Friday Fun (Updated)

Having been on retreat for most of the week, my exposure to things of an internet based, fun nature has been limited. I did discover Draw a Stick Man, but so did most of the Twittersphere and Facebook. If by some chance you haven’t stumbled across it, it’s a genius five minute distraction (and absorbed me while I was finding a viewing of Source Code less than captivating).

If you’re a fan of classic girls’ school stories, you can indulge in 30 minutes of immense fun by listening to a programme on the Chalet School on iPlayer – God bless Radio 4 for commissioning this. Guests are quizzed throughout the show and anyone in the vicinity of my bedroom last night would have heard cries of “Emerence Hope you dumkopf!’ [excellent use of Chaletian German slang I feel] and a frantic yelling of eleven names – “Len, Con, Margot, Steve, Charles, Mike, Felix, Felicity, Geoff & Philippa!” [the Maynard offspring] It also included revelations such as how to pronounce ‘Chaletian’ and ‘Elisaveta’ (neither were pronounced the way I’ve been saying them for two decades). Anyway, it was a lot of fun for me, but probably only fun for a minimal number of blog readers…

If you’re a Greenbelter and/or friends with me and the folk I go to Greenbelt with, you might find my friend Jenni’s video of this year’s festival fun:

Jenni’s recently become passionate about creating videos, which can be a tad disconcerting when you’re out and about with her (I’ve actually just remembered that she filmed some of my birthday, must find out what happened to that…) but produces really quite impressive results. The best thing about this video is that it captures the essence of our Greenbelt – Pie Minister, the French sausage stall, sitting around in our PJs under the gazebo, singing and the obligatory eating of cake in the beer tent. Beautiful.

All of the above is either niche, or not particular new, so I feel as though I’m letting the Friday Fun side down. So as a final attempt to make you laugh this morning, I present you with a series of boyish pranks that really go to show, if at first you don’t succeed, try, try again…

Attempt one at the pulling the table cloth away trick:

Attempt two:

Attempt three:

And finally, attempt four:

Yes, it’s obviously not quite the disaster it appears to be, but I do rather like the concept. Plus, it made me laugh out loud and this morning that’s got to be a good thing.

WAIT! It’s not over yet…
You know what’s also childish? Sesame Street and my passion for Glee. Thus it is utterly awesome that Sesame Street has parodied the now exiled on Sky tv show. Appropriately for a song about the letter G, this is g-g-g-genius:

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