A game to play in parks…

…but not in cemeteries.

I am fortunate to have a sister who doesn’t mind making a bit of a fool of herself. [She does, however, mind me making a fool of her – hence her banning me from singing appropriate songs at appropriate Parisian landmarks. No Disney at Notre Dame, no rendition of Come What May at the Moulin Rouge… Sad.]

Somehow, an idea struck me while wandering through the Jardin du Luxembourg that we should emulate the poses of the many statues stood along its paths. I say ‘we’, my sister took on the brunt of the challenge – though my mother and I did one each, just to show willing. The game wasn’t restricted just to the park, but carried on throughout the streets of Paris, even including the Arc de Triomphe.

However, there were some limits. Certain statues were judged by Mim to be inappropriate, as were certain locations. The Montmartre cemetery was full of interestingly posed statues, but we decided that it would be crass to play the game in such a sombre location – a shame, because I had great plans for Nijinksy’s grave…

 Nijinksky (dancer) and Bauchet’s (one time director at the Moulin Rouge) graves.

These two locations – Montmartre Cemetery and the Jardin du Luxembourg – also highlight the supreme awesomeness of the Pocket Rough Guide to Paris. Looking up our first stop in our most recent guidebook (my pre-trip purchase) I discovered that the Rough Guide’s writers felt that we ought to be ‘beguiled’ by the Jardin du Luxembourg and they were right – beguiled we were. (However, disappointingly the toy boats we were promised on the lake did not appear…) It became a running joke to check the Rough Guide to see how we ought to be feeling in any given location – in the cemetery, we were meant to be sombre, yet not oppressed. As a result, I now have a burning ambition to write for the Rough Guide.


  1. What a great game – and what a good sport Mim is.

    Too bad, though, that you doing Nijinksky was inappropriate. What a great pose!

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