When karaoke gets serious

If my church has anything to do with a weekend away, social, festival or other event not directly relating to worship, it’s highly likely – nay, essential – that karaoke will be involved. A prime example of this would be the weekend away that forms part of its version of the Alpha Course, when people spend a happy couple of days in Eastbourne learning about faith and how we experience God. What else but karaoke would be a great ice-breaker and relaxer after a day of talks, prayer and theology?

When I joined the church six years ago I thought this was amazing. Karaoke? Loved the idea and for the first 5 minutes (before the first performance) contemplated my song choice. Then I heard the performers… Wow. In a church that contains a ridiculous number of professional creatives (musicians, actors, producers etc) it has an unsurprisingly high karaoke standard. 
People take it incredibly seriously. There are thought-out costumes and dance routines – this is a ‘spend all afternoon preparing’ karaoke experience, not a ‘I’ll run my finger down the songlist & see what takes my fancy’ one. To demonstrate, here’s a favourite performance from Saturday night:

[Warning: contains high-pitched screaming and a potentially inappropriate hand-down-trousers moment.]

Ahhhh, the Backstreet Boys. Classic.
It amuses me that the group of guys who humiliated themselves in this fashion include respectable members of society, like a soon-to-be Vicar in training and a teacher – as well as the slightly less respectable professions of Youth Worker and Actor. 
However, I am no longer intimidated for Saturday marked a personal achievement and another 2011 First – I sang karaoke at a church event. No, it wasn’t planned or choreographed, but I think we pulled off our rendition of Don’t Stop Believing fairly respectably. (With thanks to Ms Bush who agreed to partner me on the condition that she’d have another drink first, only to discover that we were next up.) 
Just as well I got that First over and done with last weekend, because in a couple of weeks time it’s likely I’ll be doing something choreographed and costumed in a church context… Terrifying prospect. 


  1. PAAAHhahahahahaaaaa!!
    I just watched this again and it’s just as funny the at the third viewing!
    I was literally cackling out loud to myself in my room.

    P.s. That’s a good point – by my reckoning, you owe me a drink!

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