Post-Election Friday Fun

Today’s post has NOTHING to do with politics, except that this morning people may be in need of more fun than usual – either because they’re over-tired and hungover from staying up to watch the results come in, or because they’re disappointed in the overall result. [Actually, as things currently stand isn’t everyone disappointed, except possibly the Greens?]

This week’s fun relates to two specific, yet utterly separate events.

1. Star Wars Day
As I’m still comparatively young in my Star Wars life (it’s only been 5 years since I was first inducted, though I had a pretty thorough education at that point) and not a geek, I find the whole May 4th thing somewhat bizarre. In the remote possibility that someone reading this doesn’t understand the connection, that particular date has a resonance with a famous line – thus ‘May the force be with you’ becomes ‘May the 4th be with you’. Oh, the hilarity. One geek friend happens to have their birthday that day and even has a t-shirt to go with it – loser.

Anyway, two amusing results of this calendar coincidence. Firstly, an absolutely fabulous interpretation of the trilogy (the original trilogy obviously, as it’s infinitely superior) in just two minutes via the medium of Lego:

Secondly, an amusing Physics Fail that will only amuse you if you have an element of both physics and Star Wars knowledge.

2. Getting myself stuck in a ticket barrier – again.
On Wednesday morning I got stuck in the barriers at Baker Street again. This seems to happen to me on a semi-regular basis and I have no idea why. If I’ve got headphones in I make a point of looking at the light to check it’s gone green after I’ve swiped my oyster (as I can’t hear the beep). Perhaps it’s just the stupidity of the people just ahead of me who don’t realise their own card hasn’t worked and instead go through on my swipe. Either way it’s both painful and embarrassing.

This latest incident was made all the worse thanks to the TfL employee I turned to for help. Before rescuing me from the barrier (I was literally between the gates, it hurt) she yelled after the woman just ahead of me who was already disappearing up the steps. Apparently she wanted to check what was wrong with her card… Eventually she set me free, checked my oyster, let me through and began a lecture on how to use the ticket barriers. At this point I was feeling very foolish and wanted to get to work so I laughed off the lecture in a ‘I know how to use the barriers, I’m just a clumsy idiot who gets it wrong sometimes’ way and walked off. Then I realised the woman was now hurling abuse at me insisting that “with that attitude I won’t let you through next time”. Great – an immense sense of humour failure there and further public humiliation for me. I scuttled up the steps feeling like a very small child.

In response to briefly telling this story on Twitter, a friend sent me a link to a list of oyster card codes (the numbers that appear on the gate’s screen when you swipe). This is really only going to amuse die-hard TfL geeks, but I was greatly cheered. Personal favourites include #33 ‘illogical interchange through gates’ and #41 ‘zig zag through gates’ – fabulous.

One final piece of TfL amusement is this map – the London underground in anagrams. I’m a big fan of alternative tube maps and anagrams, so this is perfection. Some of the anagrams are terribly appropriate – Blood Rending (London Bridge) and Written Mess (Westminster) – love it.

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