It’s not often that I blog twice in one day, but this needed immediate attention.

Easter is just around the corner and thus a veritable smorgasbord of chocolate chicks, eggs and bunnies have appeared on shop shelves. There are a few new products around this year, but to be honest, what with the whole eating healthily thing, I tend to avoid those aisles. However, one particular item caught my attention and became me & C’s Monday afternoon pick me up today:

The MaltEaster Bunny [Do you see what they did there?? Genius.]

I love Maltesers, I love bunnies – so what’s not to like about this concept? It’s not simply one large, rabbit shaped malteser, it’s in fact a ‘milk chocolate bunny with a crunchy and creamy Maltesers centre’ and quite honestly, the yummiest piece of Easter tie-in to pass my lips in a long while!

Long ago, I decided Cadbury’s creme eggs were no good thing (incidentally, they are also not something I need to see in the supermarket whilst buying alcohol on New Year’s Eve….wrong, very wrong), but these bunnies can quite happily take their place as the ubiquitous Easter chocolate.

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