Reasons why I should have an iPhone #74 & #75*

I’m still waiting for my third dream in which I use an iPhone before I actually cave and get one. (Having had two such dreams, I wondered whether God was trying to tell me something. My mother suggested that Biblically, three such dreams could be seen as a divine ordinance…)

In the mean time, more and more reasons for having one get chalked up on the ‘pros’ list. You’ll know most of them – Facebook on the go; mobile blogging; a handy little app to tell me what the tube’s doing & when my train will reach the platform; tweeting more effectively; the ability to instantly prove that I’m right courtesy of Wikipedia/Google; having something to do whilst waiting for friends to turn up in bars…y’know, all the things we think are pretty much ‘essential’ these days.

I’m well aware that there’s some serious dross available from the app store, but every so often I come across something that makes me wish I had the device of dreams…

Reason #74
‘Sleep cycle’. [I’ve just realised how many sleep references led up to this, totally unintentional!] This genius app helps monitor your sleep patterns, waking you up when you’re at the more awake end of the sleep spectrum rather than in deep sleep. (You set an alarm, it wakes you up within half an hour of it.) Not only should this mean you wake up more easily, but it also produces handy graphs to show how well you’ve slept.

The friend that introduced me to this helpfully sent along a couple of graphs to illustrate her different sleep patterns. The ones below show last Thursday versus the Friday before, which was a great night’s sleep given the amount of time spent at the ‘deep sleep’ end of the scale.

My last couple of month’s of sleep have been plagued with insomnia and general sleeplessness, so having a little gadget that measures my sleep quality would be rather intriguing…

Reason #75
The Dave Walker/Cartoon Church app. Dave Walker’s cartoons are genius & it links to the Dullest Blog in the World – what’s not to like?

*These are utterly made-up numbers. Just in case you were wondering whether this was an actual list or something….

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