The grinch is proved wrong…

Happy new year!

I’m pleased to report that (unlike many of my facebook friends and those I partied with last night) I am not a hungover quivering mess today! [Though this was more due to common sense overtaking the temptation to drink my way through a collection of international spirits – I’d not eaten enough during the day and didn’t dare risk the consequences…]

As is so often the case, it’s the nights you expect little of that turn out to be the best. Hanging out with the wonderful Annabelle and her various (very geeky) chums – only two of whom I’d met previously – was simply a plan devised to ensure that I had some fun, forgot the events of the day before and celebrated the arrival of 2010 appropriately.

“Appropriately” included:

  • Heading out onto the street, with a bagpipe player in tow, to serenade the neighbourhood with Auld Lang Syne and similarly bagpipe suitable tunes and watching London explode with fireworks.
  • Going out for a walk about an hour later (an attempt to sober up a geek) and it starting to snow, lots. Beautiful. 
  • Much music, laughter and an exceptional performance of me & Annabelle’s party piece – the Lesbian Love Duet…
  • Boxes and boxes of takeaway pizza (a rare treat, except the one that had tinned salmon as its main ingredient – urgh!). 
  • Being taught martial arts techniques to combat any future muggings. (My arm’s now covered in bruises!)
  • And most appropriately of all, a new year’s kiss.
And so 2010 rolled in, in a fog of a night spent having too much fun and not enough sleep – but who cares?! I can catch up on sleep via the wonderful means of napping. I missed Strauss from Vienna, but had a bracing walk through the streets of South London instead.
Chatting with the ever wise Abidemi just minutes ago, we were both of the opinion that 2010 is going to be an important year, with lots of exciting opportunities. We’re not simply choosing to look on the bright side – we are full of optimism for the new year ahead and it has to be said that this is the first time I’ve felt like this on January 1st for a good long while.
May 2010 be just as exciting for you…

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