Painful festive fun

When I began writing this post it was with an apologetic intro because I didn’t really have anything for you, then I remembered to look up some Facebook links I’d been meaning to watch and checked my google reader. As a result I’ve got a classic Christmas Friday Fun and something a little bit more educational – but still fun, if you’re a geek.

The one thing that had been thrown my way this week was only funny in the rudest, crudest way and that’s not really the style of humour I go for. [If you’re even slightly intrigued just google ‘Buffy swearing keyboard’ & stick your headphones in – it’s awful but possibly faintly amusing depending on your level of depravity.]

To counteract that, you can receive edification by heading over to Andy’s blog where you can watch an amazing film that’s awesome  (in the truest sense of the word) and educational.

And Christmas fun? This week O Holy Night was voted Britain’s number one Christmas Carol, I just suspect that they weren’t voting on the basis of this version. See how long you can bear listening to it – I’d recommend sticking with it till the end, but it might be painful…

May your day/weekend be snowy and muchly fun-filled!


  1. hi.. Liz
    your way of expressing things really made me fan of your..couldn’t stop myself to leave a comment..

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