Eating humble pie

I’ve not quite beaten the introspection bug yet, but this evening I’ve truly been humbled and it might help me snap out of it. (Normal service will probably return on Monday.)

Catching up on some Facebooking after a very busy day, I was just about to log off in a fit of “this is all stupid and who cares”, when a friend started chatting with me. A ‘friend’ who, I have to confess, I’ve given very little thought to since we happened to live together over 4 years ago.
My usual instinct in such situations is to shut down Facebook. If I’m not in the mood to chat, I just don’t. It feels like an invasion of my privacy and I resent it! I left it for a few moments and then read the messages she’d sent…
It turned out that she was going through a really rough time, had just returned from a year overseas that hadn’t gone the way she’d hoped, was struggling to see the point in it all and wanted to know if she could talk to me about it and if I could recommend a church for her to go to.
Humbled actually doesn’t even begin to describe how I felt. I’d been sat there in a fit of feeling sorry for myself and was more than ready to ignore this person for no good reason other than that I wanted to wallow in my own mood.
I’d been looking for someone to pay me some attention and cheer me up, when in fact what snapped me out of my ridiculous frame of mind was the fact that actually, there are other people who are finding things difficult for much better reasons than me. Plus, in asking me questions like ‘how do you keep your faith when you’re struggling with life?’, I remembered all the things I tend to ignore when I’m in a mood.
This is not me boasting of how I managed to share lots of Godly wisdom with a random friend (I’m not sure that I did really), I’m just trying to make the point that often it’s the things that come at us from leftfield that can actually make all the difference.

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