Get thee to a nunnery

Well, at least that was my thought on Thursday…
That’s when I finally went to see the immensely fabulous Sister Act. I liked it when I saw a bit of it at West End Live, I loved it when I got the soundtrack, but I utterly adored seeing it in the flesh.
My loyalty to Wicked remains for ‘best musical in the world – ever’, but Sister Act wins in terms of entertainment and atmosphere – not to mention costumes.
Who wouldn’t want to be a nun if it meant sparkly habits, glorious dance routines and catchy tunes? Honestly, I was sold – to the extent that I almost succumbed to the special offer combo of wimple and rosary at the gift shop!
Well, except for those pesky vows. Not sure it would quite be worth giving up alcohol & nice food and taking a vow of chastity (though some might say I already seem to have taken one). That, and apparently Sister Act doesn’t accurately portray the convent lifestyle – who’d have thought it?
Anyway, the show is fabulous. If you’re in London, watch it, you won’t regret it (promise). I particularly appreciated a couple of references to other musicals, that being the geek I am (indeed, my friend also being a geek), we got a lot of enjoyment from:
(i) Just prior to Sister Mary Clarence teaching the sisters to sing, she says “let’s start at the very beginning” to which one of the sisters responds “it’s a very good place to start”. Not only is this a wonderful cross-reference between nun related musicals, but the last musical to play at the Palladium before Sister Act was the Sound of Music. Clever.
(ii) The actress currently playing Sister Mary Robert (the timid postulant) was previously Nessarose in the original West End cast of Wicked. (For the non-Wicked initiated, she’s the Wicked Witch of the East in the Wizard of Oz and owns the ruby slippers.) At one point, Delores hands her a pair of awesome purple boots and suggests that if ever she needs to assert her independence she should put them on and click her heels together three times. I’d like to think that it was a deliberate pun.
Ok, I think you get the picture – I loved it. It was well worth the standing ovation it probably gets every night. Even the 80+ year old woman sat next to me jumped to her feet. And because you simply have to see the spangly habits in action, here’s the trailer:

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