Clever Clothing

T-shirts are wonderfully multi-purpose items. Not simply clothing, they can in fact communicate any number of things about their wearer.
From the age-old “I’m with stupid” (message: the wearer is actually stupid) to retro bands (message: ‘I wasn’t born when this band were around, but I like people to think I’ve got good taste in music’), or political causes, the t-shirt has long had a dual function.
For your amusement today, I bring you: intelligent t-shirts.
Shirts that show that not only is the wearer clever, but also has a sense of humour. Ok, a warped sense of humour. Actually, they are in fact a geek who would not be out of place on Big Bang Theory. (Unfamiliar with this comic genius? Watch this and this.)

[It took me a good long while to get what this actually meant. I’m rather pleased – it means I’m not a geek, but that the person who sent it to me may well be!]
[Thanks to the wonderful Big Bang Theory]
Finally, my favourite (as it’s the only one I truly understood): Lego Evolution
ThinkGeek seems to have an almost unlimited supply of these things, so there’s bound to be one for the geek in your life…
…unless they’re someone who subscribes to the “I will not wear t-shirts with words on” philosophy. I find this both amusing and bemusing. Yes, we all have irrational ideas with regard to clothing (or ‘apparel’ stateside – could we bring that word into British use?). I, for example, will not wear grey on my top half – it’s a stringent rule. But words? Hmmmm.
I guess it depends on what the words are. I don’t have many, but I don’t actively avoid them either. I like political t-shirts, but my current favourite has a random inscription of ‘Talk like an Angel’ which I believe to be enigmatic enough to not be embarassing and yet be quite a good conversation starter. You never know when that might come in useful!


  1. you mean, speak in such a fashion that just saying “hello” results in the hearer kneeling on the floor, quacking in a petrified silence?

  2. Poor Andy made a little typo in his above comment, which sadly couldn’t be edited post publication.

    He of course meant ‘quaking in a petrified silence’ NOT ‘quacking’.

    I’ve yet to hear of any divine incidents of duck impersonation!

  3. I’ve got one that says “Gay? Fine by me!” Don’t know what to think of it…

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