When not drinking coffee turns out to be a bad thing

I should’ve known not to share any of my answers during what seemed to be a perfectly harmless pop-psychology quiz. Especially when the quiz formed the introduction to a seminar on dating…

6 questions were asked, all equally inane. Number 4 was “what would your response be if offered a cup of coffee?”. As all who know me well are aware, I don’t like coffee – never have & probably never will. Therefore it’s only logical that my response would be “no thanks, could I have a cup of tea instead?”

I probably should’ve kept my mouth shut when the roving mic asked what my answer was. Because, of course, that was the question that apparently revealed my attitude to sex. Good job I don’t take these things seriously, else I’d be worried about having a rather unsuccessful future marriage.

Probably shouldn’t have listed my 3rd favourite animal as a kangaroo either. Listing the three characteristics I associated with that creature, I chose: energetic, bizarre & Australian. Turns out that’s the question that reveals how others see you. I doubt anyone regards me as Australian and very few would think I was energetic. Bizarre would probably ring true. Ho hum.


  1. This sounds like a bunch of rubbish and entirely discriminating against coffee haters! I’m with you sister it’s tea all the way… 🙂

  2. Dear Lordy, surely everyone knows that tea drinkers are aliens?

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