A virtual musical?

Exciting news in today’s Guardian – apparantly there are plans afoot to extend Lord Lloyd-Webber’s empire into the world of computer games!

The article in question appeared to deride the idea, but honestly, I can’t think of anything better. So it got me wondering exactly what form such a game might take…

Scenario 1:
Your standard Singit/Guitar Hero/Rockband format. Sing along to the songs of the Lord, graded for rhythm, tune and words. Would be fun, but essentially musical theatre karaoke.

Scenario 2:
Take a Lloyd-Webber show and jump various hurdles to create a West End standard production. Choose a cast, creative team, backers, producers and overcome the challenges of a credit-crunch impacted Theatreland.

Scenario 3:
The I’d Do Anything/Any Dream Will Do/How Do You Solve a Problem Like Maria? format. You are a contestant battling to win the lead in a new production of a hit musical. Each level requires new skills, from proving you can dance and enchant small children, hit a top C or turn John Barrowman straight (not to mention the ability to sing, dance and rollerskate simultaneously).

Which one do you reckon they’ll go for? Personally, the third’s my favourite. That’s probably just because I have unreasonable aspirations of one day actually entering that kind of show!

Of course, the only downside would be that the Lord didn’t write Wicked – and that’s one show I’d love to recreate in a virtual world, but I guess Starlight Express could be just as good!

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