Autumnal Apple Cake

Tis the ‘season of mists and mellow fruitfulness’, and therefore time for some baking involving the key autumnal ingredients of apples and cinnamon.

I’ve had a Waitrose recipe card for Dorset Apple Cake in my handbag for ages (in fact, checking the card, it says May – procrastination & my overly large handbag strikes again) and today I finally got around to baking it.

The Waitrose recipe provided the basis, but I modified it a bit. (Whenever I tell my Mum that I’ve ‘modified’ a recipe, she fears that I’ll have done something stupid like subsitute Marmite for baking powder…she has just cause to, but I’ve learnt from past mistakes.)

– I used cinnamon instead of mixed spice, partly because I love cinnamon, but mainly because I didn’t have any mixed spice in my cupboard.
– Instead of dredging it with sugar after it came out of the oven, I sprinkled the top of the cake with soft brown sugar & cinnamon before putting it in.

It smells yummy whilst baking and looked pretty good once out of the oven – oh, and it tasted pretty good too. Perfect autumn Saturday comfort food.

Incidentally, in some weird telepathic Mother-Daughter thing, I rang my Mum whilst the cake was in the oven and discovered that she was peeling apples in preparation for making the exact same cake. Spooky!

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