What do you know about…


Ok, this is a little out of the blue, as it sounds a tad intellectual and isn’t about my birthday/how old I’m getting/random nakedness in the parks of London/knitting…

I’ve just realised that a lot of the random blogs I read (& when I say ‘read’, I mean ‘I have RSS feeds on’) are written by Mormons. Bear in mind that my igoogle reader is divided into “Friends’ blogs”, “Church-y blogs” and “American blogs”, and the last category has a substantial number of those ‘look how cute my baby is’ blogs in it.

Anyway, I’m not saying that Mormonism is a bad thing, but simply that I know virtually nothing about the denomination!

Most of what I do know I learnt over the last couple of weeks whilst watching Angels in America. (Incidentally, highly, highly recommended. Had me laughing and crying almost simultaneously. Just don’t attempt to watch it in its original 2 x 3 hour parts!) Which was mostly to do with their views on angels & homosexuality as well as their history in America.

Plus, I think the Metro featured something recently on a naked Mormon missionary calendar, which for some unknown reason, caught my attention. The aptly named Mormons Exposed project is something of a delight but has led to men being asked to leave the church.

Other than that, sometime ago I learnt that there are quite a few Mormons in Tonga and that their main method of reaching the youth of the islands was through the construction of basketball courts next to their churches, which is very attractive in a country with not a great deal of youth culture.

Anyway, I guess it’s just because I’ve not come across many here, and I really resonate with a lot of the writing on these blogs that I’ve been struck by my lack of knowledge. And I really like to know stuff about stuff!
So I guess I’ll be off to Wikipedia then…

Gone, but not forgotten

Having just taken a Sex and the City quiz (scoring a respectable 8/10) I’ve been reflecting on the dark month that was May 2004, when not only did SATC finish, but so did Friends. Around about the same time Dawson’s Creek bit the dust. (Oh how I cried during that episode! Has got to be one of the most depressing pieces of TV ever!)

No sooner had I finished mentioning this dark month to my colleague (who scoffed & didn’t seem to understand the trauma), than I found an article from the Guardian on the results of a recent poll to find the 10 most-missed shows.

It’s a bit of a dull list really, containing quite a few shows I’ve never bothered with – The Office, West Wing, Sopranos & Only Fools and Horses (my sister claims I’m a snob & don’t like ‘working class’ comedy, that’s a lie!!).

My own top 10 would look something like this:

1. Friends (Thankfully there’s 2 episodes on a day, but I miss new ones!)
3. Dawson’s Creek (though I do own all 6 series…did I just type that?? Oops.)
5. ER (It’s not officially over, but next season is it’s last. Besides, for me it pretty much finished when Dr Green left for the big ER in the sky.)
6. The Biz (little known CBBC drama about kids at stage school)
7. This Life (I especially liked watching it illicitly, aged 14/15 on the spare TV upstairs without my parents finding out!)
9. Gilmore Girls (Was hardly ever shown on UK TV so I’ve only really seen 2 of the 7 seasons, still, it looked good!)
10. Jewel in the Crown (As it was based on a set of books it couldn’t have gone on longer, but was amazing.)
11. Press Gang (I know, it’s a top 10 but I just remembered & it is great. Watching them again on dvd has been an enlightening experience, plus a teenage Dexter Fletcher….)

Incidentally, still on the theme of classic TV, apparantly the same survey also reveals that around 30% of people have “romantically fallen in love” with a TV character. Interesting turn of phrase!

Has to be said, only person I can think of that falls into that category is Clark Kent/Superman from the New Adventures of Superman – Dean Cain. Incredibly pathetic in reflection, but I was only 12. Although, now I’m re-watching ER from the start I may possibly be falling in love with a young(er) George Clooney!

Also, well done to all those Wikipedia TV dorks who spend their spare time writing episode guides & plot summaries to even the most obscure of shows! Ever need to kill a few minutes? Just look up your favourite show & read away.

Geeks of the world unite

I love Wikipedia.

It’s where the geeks of the world unite to ensure that the facts that their passions/obsessions are based upon are recorded acurately. This is made abundantly clear by any pages on the site relating to trains and railways. Trainspotters now have a winter past-time: they can ensure that every detail of tracks, stations and rolling stock are recorded on Wikipedia for the world to appreciate.

Yesterday at work I got sucked into a Wikipedia vortex. My colleague mentioned that he’d noticed what seemed to be a redundant tube station next to HTB in South Kensington. One trip to Wikipedia later, we’d discovered a whole list of redundant tube stations and we were addicted!

Along the way, I’ve discovered other things which, being a bit of a TfL nerd, I rather appreciated.

A tube-style map of the world:

A geographical tube map:

The most hilarious thing I discovered this afternoon is that there’s a “London Transport Portal” on Wikipedia that includes a list of suggestions of tasks for enthusiasts to take up. It includes such gems as “complete list of bus routes”; “submit your interesting London Transport facts” and “update all tube stations with current usage figures for 2006”.

Great stuff. Fortunately, I have a life – hopefully they’ll find one.