Antidotal Friday Fun

How was yesterday for you? Dare we talk about it? If it’s all a little bit too raw, perhaps your pain will be eased by some Friday amusement? (If not, ignore the next few items. Not everything in today’s post is love related…)

First up, we have a super cute video of pre-schoolers talking about love. Remember the other day when I was singing the praises of C. Jane? She shared this as her son’s in it. [Talking of Courtney, I had a tweet from her that made me dance a little jig. Small things!]

Secondly, an interesting YouTube project that will help you find your perfect other half – well, as long as they have a YouTube account and took part in this exercise. Turn on annotations and answer their questions. I did this while hanging out at the RFH yesterday and I chuckled to myself heartily. A fun diversion…

Next up, two things for my fellow OCD sufferers. You may mock us, but certain things make us very, very happy. Firstly, a Tumblr devoted to pictures showing things fitting perfectly into things. Does that makes sense? Would a picture (or maybe two) help?

Pen & Toilet paper holderA pen and a toilet roll holder.

His&Her ShoesHer shoes into his shoes (awwww)

The second OCD thing is a beautiful collection of things organised by colour, compiled by Buzzfeed. My friend Becki is very OCD about such things, particularly arranging coloured sweets according to their colour before eating any of them and I thank her for sending this my way. I love looking at beautiful colour arrangements – even books – but while my eyes are saying “ooohhhh pretty!”, my mind is screaming “but HOW DO YOU FIND THE BOOKS???” Anyway, here’s a couple of examples:

Concert tickets & Movie stubs Glass bottlesGlass bottles & a collection of concert/movie tickets.

Finally, a little bit of partisan, sporting, singing flash-mobbing. I know it’s not a 6 Nations weekend this week, but I’m liable to forget this next week with all that’s currently going on. Apologies if you don’t support England, but (i) it’s the Swingle Singers, (ii) Swing Low Sweet Chariot is a great song and (iii) it’s the Swingle Singers…

Friday Fun with Philosophers

Apologies for the lapses on the Friday Fun front – I blame last week’s absence on curate visitations and vicar weekends. However, the later has managed to provide two gems with which to kick off this week’s edition…

As I mentioned on Monday, much of the weekend was spent learning various key theological arguments/ideas and having our minds bent with flying horses and beautiful islands. Much respect was given to the lecturer who taught us Aquinas for beginning and ending with amusing YouTube videos. The first is part of the ‘3 Minute Philosophy’ series, which includes summaries of Kant, Aristotle, Locke and others – including Aquinas. So here’s a short, fun way to have your mind bent on a Friday:

Some people find that the best way of learning information is via the means of song – I think they may have a point, given the quantity of pointless song lyrics I have stored in my brain. Therefore I’m very grateful to the utterly inspired people who had the idea of putting Aquinas’ life and theology to the tune of Banarama’s Venus. Yes, bizarre, but it works. In fact, it worked so well that there’s a whole series of historic events/individuals to the tunes of classic pop songs – check out the History Teachers’ channel. (I’m particularly enthralled by Luther sung to Manic Monday, featuring the lovely Joseph Fiennes.)

That’s about as edifying as it will get this morning.

As it’s February 3rd, we’re hurtling towards that which is possibly one of the most depressing dates in the calendar – February 14th. However, fear not! I have several things that should help you feel warm and squishy inside, regardless of whether anyone is likely to send you a card or flowers. Firstly, a place that is useful on many an occasion: The Nicest Place on the Internet. Ok, so it’s potentially a little bizarre and creepy, but it’s a lovely idea! (I’m not saying what happens when you follow that link – it would spoil it – just go there.) Secondly, possibly the best thing I’ve seen all week – a way of making a hot, bearded man, sing a song that’s all about you! It’s a beautiful, beautiful thing, made all the more amusing by the fact that it’s an apology from a tampon company in the US for discontinuing one of their products. I wish I could save my video from this, but sadly I couldn’t work out how.

If neither of those things sound particularly fun/cheery to you (potentially because you might be male), how about some musical fun to round off the week? First up, is a little piece of brilliance in the form of a Lady Gaga Fugue, which is simply stunning. Secondly, a rare case of me finding a musical gem courtesy of Gizmodo – though it is a version of The Simpsons’ theme tune, which perhaps explains it:

Friday Fun always loves a good multi-tracked YouTube video and this one is quite simply wonderful. It must have taken hours and hours to do. I stand in awe of its brilliance.

Broken hearted amusement

I presume you all realise the significance of Sunday? Or rather, its double significance as it’s also Chinese New Year. I’m not even going to name it, suffice to say it’s up there with New Year’s Eve as ‘dates I like to hate’. Do I need to read on Facebook that a friend’s looking forward to their romantic weekend with their boyfriend? No. (Though obviously A, I don’t hold it against you. x)

But, fear not, there is a way to derive amusement from this most commercialised of Saints days – not only for us bitter & twisted singletons, but for those ensconced in loving relationships too. Specifically, the ridiculous lengths to which companies will go to make a buck from the date.

Smoked Salmon, Beef Stroganoff followed by Tiramisu in amongst the Swedish meatballs and flat-pack furniture. What more could you want for a perfectly romantic evening? 

Exhibit B: Wine & Chocolates
Surely you can’t go wrong with this? How about a bottle of rosé & a Terry’s Chocolate Orange for a fiver? (From Sainsburys.) Before you call me a snob, yes, I like a bottle of pink wine as much as the next girl in her mid 20’s and am also quite a fan of the spherical citrus chocolate (plain, rather than milk though). For this reason, this isn’t so much a thoughtful gift as the perfect ingredients for a girls’ night in.

Lest you start thinking I’m obviously something of a high maintenance, ungrateful wench, I present you this bizarre gift choice. Who has need for a gold plated piece of confection? Honestly, I’d rather just have a packet of regular Rolos – or even just your last one. [Is the ‘last Rolo’ thing a uniquely British phenomenon? It would appear not, according to Wikipedia.]
I’ve spent the week collecting these gems as they’ve popped up on the Guardian Life&Style’s Twitter feed. Of course, today they went and turned all the tweets into an article full of such ideas, so I’m not as original as I thought. Shame. 
May you all have a beautifully lovely weekend, whatever you’re up to and whoever you’re doing it with. My Sunday will consist of teaching the under 6’s at church something terribly useful about the Bible, possibly going to the launch of a new church and then spending Sunday evening as I pass every Sunday evening – with the classic church+pub combo. I will not think about the date and I will be perfectly happy. Honest. 
[Oh gosh, I’ve just realised – could I sound any more ‘holier than thou’ with three church-related events in one day?? I think I may understand now why I don’t have anything better to do this weekend…]

Stupid Valentines

No, not an anti-Valentines rant (though I could write one if I wanted!).

Just an observation that I was actually so oblivious to the date yesterday that I rang two recently married friends to chat and only realised the reason why no one answered as I was heading to bed.

Stupid me. And stupid Valentines Day.