The things Facebook tries to get you to do…

Sporadically, things crop up on Facebook that are attempts to get people to do random things. Sometimes it’s to highlight a good cause (in a rather random way) – like the recent campaign for women to change their status to the colour of the bra they were wearing (much to the confusion of menfolk) to highlight breast cancer awareness.

I’m not a lemming, so I generally won’t do them. (That, and I like to think that I have enough creativity not to subscribe to mass status updates.) However, some are rather intriguing and others downright hilarious.

Currently there are two doing the rounds. The first is the doppelgänger thing. Apparently, this week is ‘doppelgänger week’ and everyone should change their profile photo to ‘someone famous (actor, musician, athlete) you have been told you look like’. Some of my friend’s photos have been hilariously accurate, like one who bears an uncanny resemblance to Alicia Silverstone or another who (worryingly) looks a lot like Phil from Location, Location, Location. I’ve recently been told (twice) that I look like Kate Winslet (and I renewed love for both those people) but I’m not sure she’s my doppelgänger. Besides, what’s the point of having a photo that’s not actually of you? Hmmm, perhaps I’m just a bit bitter that I don’t have a good lookalike. 

The second is simply to go to the urban dictionary, type your first name in and see what the first three entries are. I wasn’t quite sure what the point of this was, but in a time wasting moment this evening I thought I’d give it a try. The results made me actually laugh out loud, so I thought I’d share. (Though as some of it’s a bit risqué, I won’t reproduce it in full.) 

Liz -Basically the definition of being amazingly cool and fun. Can dance black as hell, whether they’re black or not. Athletic, fun and wild. Gets into trouble a lot. Says stupid things, but people like Liz’s.

[I’d say the first part’s true, the middle part not so much and the last part’s spot on!]

Liz -1. (Verb) The act of being incredibly cool. Commonly misunderstood to mean “one who is attracted to homosexual men.” 2. (Adjective) A positive attribute that one possesses, or can be gained by physical and mental labor, similar to coolness and beauty.

[I like this one a lot, especially since #1 is essentially exactly right…]

Liz – The most beautiful woman in the world. Despite what she may think of herself, she’s very smart, and very, very sexy. She’s also the sweetest person in the world.

[What can I say??]

Ok, essentially very stupid, but isn’t that always the case for the best 5 minute online distractions?