Things I won’t miss whilst I’m on holiday:

– Having to use the Jubilee line, or the tube at all.
– Getting almost 3 weeks respite from Baker Street station, which I use far too often.
– The cold.
– The rain.
– Annoyingly intense commuters who are thoroughly pissed off with life.
– People who block the pavement giving out free papers.

I could go on, but I won’t. It’s unfair on all those who are stuck in London for the next 3 weeks, unlike me, who’ll be living it up in New Zealand. Yay!

Just before I left the office today, I made an effort and tidied my desk. I know it won’t stay tidy whilst I’m away because my boss has this awfully irritating habit of leaving papers on my desk (instead of the in-tray I acquired a few months ago). Wish I’d taken a photo before I tidied it, because then you’d see the before and after. Instead, here’s my tidy desk and my boss’s version of “tidy” whilst he’s on holiday. When he’s actually in the office his desk’s more of a black hole, that’s a disaster for any important document.

The desks:

In case you were confused

Just found this photo on the fabulous ship of fools website – the first of many in their ‘signs & blunders’ section:

"When I grow up I want to be…

…a professional footballer.
So that I can go on Strictly Come Dancing.”

– Walter Greenwood, age 10

Walt’s a demon footballer, tennis ace, star cricketer and has had ambitions to be the next Gene Kelly. It’s only right that his sporting prowess should be combined with ballroom dancing!

An office mystery

Got to my desk this morning to find yesterday’s G2 section from the Guardian on keyboard. I assumed someone in my team put it there because of the “Three reasons why you should never join facebook” article featured on the front cover. (It’s only a remotely interesting article about the 3 men on the board, read it online yesterday!) The guys I work with know about my mini facebook obsession, so I thought it was a good joke.

Turns out it wasn’t them. No idea who else might have left it there. The only other thing I can think of is that they thought I’d be interested in an article on the inside page about a Tongan guy who can now play rugby for England. As a member of London’s Tongan community, that’s always going to be something I find interesting. (Ok, I’m not actually Tongan, I suppose I could be pseudo Tongan – at least I was born there!)

Actually, our PA’s just appeared. Turns out it was her…she thought I should be aware that the CIA might use the information on my profile. Hmmmm, I’m not too worried about that really! She is a mad Italian, so I’ll just leave it at that!

Things the engineer found in my washing machine filter:

  • A lot of fluff/hair/general gunk
  • 2 x 5p’s
  • Earring hook
  • Piece of chalk
  • 1 x Fuji memory card (256MB)
  • 1 x Olympus memory card (512MB)

No wonder it’s not been working properly! But now I can have clean clothes without flooding the kitchen, hooray!