Bra drop

(Yeah, that would be another of those misleading post titles…)

Forty-eight hours confinement at Royal Holloway (possibly the prettiest of the University of London colleges, though it does have the unfair advantage of not actually being in London…) wasn’t my ideal way to spend an entire weekend. Last night, having reached the point of wanting to hurl my laptop across the room if I had to edit another PowerPoint slide, someone pointed something very small that actually made my day.

Folks, I offer you – the Bra Bank:

Yes, that’s a receptacle in which to place your unwanted (yet still wearable) bras. Great idea, although it has to be said I usually wear mine to the point of exhaustion.

It did lead to a few amusing conversations amongst the women (we were in single sex accommodation blocks with shared kitchens – very boarding school & I think it affected our mentality) and a few work-event/underwear related puns too. Someone suggested a photo [leading church women with their bras] in the denominational newspaper captioned: “council goes tits up” or “council needed more support”.

Anyway, if you’re interested in recycling your boulder-holders, here’s some more information.

Things I’ve learnt this week about Germany:

  • You can only wash your car in dedicated car-washing areas. Sounds odd, but actually quite sensible – it’s so the toxins from the outside of the car don’t go into the ground water system.
  • You’re not supposed to wash out yoghurt pots before you put them in the recycling because it wastes water. (This means that the pots might sit around becoming increasingly fragrant as recycling’s only collected once a fortnight.)
  • It’s illegal to mow your lawn on Saturday afternoons or at all on Sunday, or during the “quiet time” during the week. This is to keep things nice and quiet when people are trying to rest! Nice.
  • People have locks on their bins. This is because rubbish is weighed when it’s collected and people are billed according to how much they chuck out – so you don’t want someone off loading their rubbish in your bin.

But the best thing I discovered:

  • Dogs may only bark for 10 mins in any 3 hour period. I’m not sure what you’re meant to do to stop a dog barking. In my experience, if a dog decides to bark there’s not usually a lot you can do to stop it – except give in to their demands! And if you start doing that, who knows where it might end!