Succumbing to materialism

For some unexplained reason I’ve always had an issue with products that are omnipresent and/or over-advertised. It’s the main reason why I’ve not bought Pantene hair products despite regularly rotating through most of the other brands on the market.

No product typified this rationale more than the ubiquitous ipod…itunes…iphone…anything with an “i” in front of it. [Noteable exception being the BBC iplayer.]

Sure, it was exciting enough when it first appeared but for years it was out of my price range & I had no desire to commit to a seemingly restrictive music format and library. I stayed loyal to my generic mp3 player and looked down upon all the Apple junkies.

I had a dramatic change of heart last month when I used itunes for the first time. The only reason I went on there was because it was the only place I could buy a friend’s EP. All of a sudden there was an online store that remembered my credit details & seemingly had any track I could think of.

Then I realised how cheap ipods had become, how shiny the new silver classic was, how big the storage capacity was…I nearly justified to myself that once my current 2gb player died, I’d replace it with an ipod. Then my mother went and gave me a particularly generous & unexpected cash gift – so I was all set.

[Annoyingly, at the same time as this happened a good friend made a similar decision and being a quick-thinking male, bought one immediately. I on the other hand, waited till after my holiday and had to wait a week for it to arrive from Amazon.]

It arrived at my office today in a lovely compact little box – no excessive packaging – and looking lovely. I’m now on a mission to find the perfect clear skin for it to keep it nice & shiny.

Jeez…today’s probably been my geekiest day ever!