Dispiriting similarities

In common with many ardent British TV watchers, I’ve found myself drawn to Miranda – a sitcom in the traditional British style (i.e. its more successful era of the 1970s/80s as opposed to simply being rubbish) that has been something of a hit in the last year. Series two is now five episodes in and it’s become a rare programme that I’ll watch repeated times on iPlayer (often late at night, on my phone while snuggled in bed).

It’s funny (important quality for a sitcom), both in terms of script and physical comedy. Miranda is tall and lacking in grace, falling over repeatedly and often losing important pieces of clothing at inopportune moments. At the same time it manages to be poignant – oh how I long for Miranda and Gary to finally get together (Gary being her Good Male Friend and perpetual partner in a ‘will they/won’t they’ situation), but that would be because I am a hopeless romantic.

Thing is, towards the end of the first series, a nagging suspicion began to form in the back of my mind. As the second series has progressed, this suspicion has grown stronger – until last night a friend made a comment on Facebook that confirmed it…

…I bear an uncanny similarity to Miranda.

Now, getting the obvious differences out of the way – I am clearly not 6ft (I’m a very respectable 5ft7½); nor am I in my mid-30’s (hallelujah); I wasn’t educated at boarding school; and I don’t have a posh, overbearing mother (hello Mum!). But, similarities do remain:

1. My friends generally consider me to be posh (I’m really not) owing to my vocabulary and (some would say) unique way of pronouncing certain words. Plus, we both use the word ‘receptacle’. In fact, it was the use of this word in this week’s episode that prompted my friend’s comment – I have been teased for using it (in a totally appropriate context) for about the last five years.

2. It is physically impossible for me to leave a room gracefully. Miranda often attempts to ‘sweep’ out of a room, but usually ends up knocking over chairs or landing flat on her face. I manage to trip up on my own clothing and just the other week attempted to leave a meal at church but got stuck when my handbag strap attached itself to a guy’s seat – it was a long strap and I didn’t realise until I was a good distance away, not graceful in the slightest.

3. I’m single. (I need to be careful how I word the next sentences – I’ve already been told I sound needy and desperate once today.) True, Miranda has Gary, but though he’s expressed an interest, the fates seem to be conspiring against them. As a hopeless romantic, I will be deeply disappointed if they don’t get it together by the end of the series – though I realise that this could have negative ramifications for any future instalments. But until they do get it on, Miranda and I could jointly hold the title of Queen of Unrequited Love. [I would however, like to point out that by no means am I as pathetic as she is when it comes to the object(s) of my affection – honest.]

4. We both like to sing at random moments and consider at home karaoke a perfectly reasonable evening’s entertainment. (Oh how I’m looking forward to trying out Glee for the Wii at Annabelle’s soon!)

Are any of these similarities necessarily a bad thing? Perhaps these are only dispiriting similarities because I don’t have the comedic aplomb that Miranda has and get embarrassed far too easily – thus meaning that I can’t pull off such characteristics as well as she does.

Oh, and one final thing – this is the aforementioned Gary. If only I had someone similar to him in my life…