A taste of Ireland (with humour)

If you’re ever in Belfast on a Saturday, I highly recommend heading to St George’s Market. (It’s actually open on Fridays and Sundays too, but I only have experience of the Saturday ‘food and garden’ market.) It’s become a staple of my parents’ Saturday routine (usually followed by an exceedingly yummy brunch at the fabulous, not-for-profit Common Grounds) and is where they buy all their fruit & veg as well as organic, locally sourced meat and cheese.

Several hundred miles away, my own Saturday routine often involves a walk through the historic Borough Market after a trip to the gym, so I can’t help but compare the two experiences. In Belfast, there’s a pleasant buzz, accompanied by live music that my sister and I like to call ‘old man jazz’ [although last week it was more ‘young woman folk’, playing Amy Winehouse to Simon & Garfunkel via Leona Lewis] and a distinct lack of tourists and yuppies. Borough – particularly during the summer – can be less of a fun shopping experience, and more of an ordeal to be dealt with, thanks to the hordes of shoppers/photographers. Both have great free samples, lovely baked goods, friendly & knowledgeable stall holders and a wealth of interesting meal opportunities.

What St George’s also has, which gives it the edge over Borough, is comedy stall names…

 I’ve shared ‘Wee Buns’ before, but it is a great name.
Not entirely sure what there is to laugh about with embroidery…

You can have a lot of fun with curry-themed stalls.

This non-coffee drinker says there most definitely is! 

And last but by no means least, my personal favourite:
Just before I took that photo, a group of older ladies had lined up to have their picture taken under the sign – I like the way they think! Incidentally, another big difference between the two markets is that no one really takes photos at St George’s (unlike at Borough where you could shop for cameras almost as easily as for food) so I felt rather self-conscious taking all of these. I really didn’t want the stall-holders to think I was taking the mick, so for the record I’m not, I admire their comedic genius! 
The only area where there were a lot of cameras was the small petting zoo. Guinea pig in a basket? Very cute. Two-day old goat kids? Uber, uber, uber cute!!