DIY Diva or Loser?

I’m not a pathetic girl who can’t lift a hammer, I’ve had my DIY successes: putting together ikea flat-packs; hanging pictures; changing light-bulbs, not to mention last year’s lessons in laying laminate flooring

I went to Brownies & Guides and learnt how to re-wire a plug and change a fuse. I even have my own tool kit, which is practical & efficient even though it’s not covered in a flowery pattern (such tools do exist & they’re very cool!). But every so often, I seem to have a bit of a blonde moment.

Today I discovered that the kettle I threw out in the autumn probably just needed a new fuse. Whilst I know how to change one, I’d completely forgotten that their death can be the reason behind an appliance’s sudden not-working-ness. Still, at least my new kettle matches my toaster. My job for the weekend is to check whether the not-working-ness (since November) of my bedroom’s storage heater is due to a similar fuse failure.

My colleague at work was an engineer in a previous life, which means he knows/understands all this technological stuff. He even explained how extension cables usually only have 5amp fuses, whilst kettles run on 13amp fuses, which I think means that you shouldn’t plug kettles into extension cables, but to be honest I got lost somewhere around “amp”!

Just a few weeks ago I discovered how storage heaters work (I’ve lived in a flat with storage heaters for nearly 2 years now), having had a panic that the heater I’d accidentally left on overnight was going to explode because it was still super hot 10 hours after turning it off. I would feel like a particularly dumb blonde, were it not for the fact that my male, non-blonde friend who has the same heaters and has lived in his flat longer, was also unaware of how they worked.

Hurrah for ignorance!