24 hours of Musical Theatre

The amazingly fact-full Savoy Theatre is currently home to Never Forget, a musical based on the music of Take That. Whilst I’m a big fan of high quality musicals (Wicked, Avenue Q & Rent to name just a few), I’ve always been rather suspicious of those that are based around a successful band’s back catalogue. After all, the plot for We Will Rock You revolves around aliens!

Never Forget’s plot was even more tenuous – a Take That tribute band. You know you’re in for an interesting evening when your first words on entering the theatre are “I don’t think we’re drunk enough for this”. There was dancing, stripping, weird costumes, walls of water, bursts of fire…kind of like an extreme hen night in the clubs of Manchester.

But the producers had a secret weapon…by ending the show with a medly of Take That songs, they ensured the audience left dancing down the aisles believing they’d had a quality night’s entertainment. Thank God I had free tickets!

The ‘free tickets’ absolve me of all feelings of loser-ness having admitted to going to a Take That musical. However, I don’t think there’s any way I can avoid looking like a loser in the second part of my MT day!

Twelve hours after leaving the Savoy, I was back in the West End clutching my trusty brolly, and engaged in the very British pursuit of queueing, in the rain, with a lot of weirdos. All the weirdos had gathered for a Broadway Diva’s (star of Wicked, Rent and Enchanted – Idina Menzel) signing at what must be the campest shop in London, Dress Circle.

Totally worth it though. And gave me plenty of time to catch up on some podcasts. I was definitely the most normal person in the queue! (That’s me, towards the end of the queue in the photo with a turquoise umbrella. It wasn’t the end of the queue, just where it bent to go around the corner.)