Good Friday Fun

Right, it’s Good Friday, so this is possibly blasphemous, but I couldn’t let the sacred day pass without some comedy reference. I was pondering a few things when, last night, I spotted this video on Facebook, courtesy of a vicar-type friend:

Defying Gravity from Peter Ould on Vimeo.

Yep, that would be right, it’s a combination of scenes from The Passion of the Christ with Defying Gravity (Glee style) in the background. And yes, that’s the very track I was talking about yesterday – spooky! It’s three of my favourite things combined into one short video: Wicked, Glee and Jesus. An unlikely combination, I think you’d agree.

If that doesn’t quite do it for you, here are a few other amusing gems:

  • The difference between nerd, geek & dork explained via a Venn diagram. I am thus able to conclude that I am less of a dweeb and more of a nerdy geek. I’ll sleep easier tonight… 
  • What happens when a small boy discovers that he’s not a single lady. Devastating doesn’t even begin to describe it. 
  • Just in case you missed them, great April Fools round ups courtesy of the Guardian’s live-blog and Gizmodo. My personal favourites were the broadband laying ferrets and xkcd‘s offering – intriguing and diverting. (Read the comments in the Gizmodo article for the full low-down on the xkcd fool, I was entranced.)
And with that, it is Easter – well, it will be on Sunday. Enjoy. Eat chocolate, make sure you’ve tried a MaltEaster bunny before they vanish. Don’t forget to also celebrate the resurrection of the Lord and the disappearance of creme eggs for another 9 months.

Why I should’ve posted this last week

Last week I missed Friday Fun. I’m not sure what happened – in fact, I managed three entire days without blogging. Oh wait, I know what happened, I had a social life!

Turns out I really should have posted my subject for last week because on Wednesday the Guardian scooped it. Had I blogged about this topic last week, those that avidly read this blog and G2 (that’s probably only 3 people, but hey) would’ve thought to themselves: “wow, Liz really is ahead of the game, I read this on her blog before it appeared in a national newspaper!”. Ok, maybe you wouldn’t have, but I can dream…

Of course, I’m not actually responsible for finding this gem – it of course comes courtesy of ‘the friend who sends me links to random things during the week for my amusement but gets no real credit when I blog about it’.

Fans of online communication – whether it be e-mail, IMing, facebooking, twitter or even blogging – will be familiar with the conundrum of how to ensure the correct meaning gets across in a text form. For those of us with a sarcastic bent to our humour (or in fact entire personality) ensuring that our sarcasm is noticed can be even trickier.

Not to worry, the ‘sarcmark’ can come to rescue! With one simple bit of punctuation, your readers will instantly understand the subtext to your comments. Gizmodo explains how, and do read the comments, especially if you’re someone with a shaky grasp of how to use sarcasm in any context.

One might suggest that such punctuation isn’t necessary, because sarcasm itself is the lowest form of wit. However, as someone who couldn’t exist without it, I would have to disagree – even if it’s put me in situations where I’ve been threatened with abandonment (on the side of the road, in the middle of Devon) should I utter just one more sarky retort!

Finally, just because I adore this clip and insist that everyone should find The Big Bang Theory as hilarious as I do, here’s sarcasm explained for the overly intelligent:

Unlicensed toys, Cuteness & something a bit dodgy…

Apologies for the lack of Friday Fun last week. I wasn’t at work, so I didn’t feel a need for it! This week, there are three things to choose from, which should satisfy all tastes:

Sadly, it excludes some key characters (though the Fat Controller wouldn’t count anyway, being human not a machine) and I didn’t keep a record of the comedy sentence that accompanied the link when sent it by a friend.

It’s not a licensed toy, so it’s unlikely to appear in Toys R Us anytime soon, but the concept’s a great one. Incidentally, in my quest to discover which characters it was excluding, I discovered the breadth of random characters now included in the modern TV series, like the influx of female ones. This was following complaints in the 1970’s that the only women (Annie and Clarabelle) had a passive role – in that they were pulled along by engines. Interesting point…

(ii) Cuteness
Namely, Cute Overload. The sort of sickly-sweet website that only appeals to 7 year old girls or hormonal women, but oh so slightly addictive. Photos of baby animals – check. Videos of adorable animal antics – check. Animals in knitted clothing – check. What more could you want?

It even sub-divides posts into categories, meaning that if all you’re interested in is cute kittens, there’s a button just for you! I’m personally loving this photo

(iii) Dodginess
(As an aside, as I wrote ‘a bit dodgy’ in the title, I was reminded how hilarious a Californian friend of mine finds the way I say that phrase. Hadn’t thought about her for a while, so it made me smile!)

Often featured on Friday’s is Gizmodo’s photoshop contest. Last week’s was slightly risque, but I’m including it anyway, because it was the funniest yet. The mission was to use sex to sell otherwise unsexy gadgets. The many (predictable) references to the Palm Pre made me chuckle a lot. Others were just plain disturbing. Warning: Do not read at work!!

Endearing Geeks

For some reason, much of what gets suggested during the week for some Friday fun is geek related. That’s not bad thing, and perhaps it says a little about my own personality traits that I find such things amusing.

There were several contenders this week, but I wasn’t feeling terribly inspired by many of them. They were all good, but not terribly original – too similar to previous weeks. (Or, slightly beyond what I feel is appropriate for this post!)

However, a discovery on Wired yesterday brought a little smile to my face, so I thought I’d share that instead – The Top 10 Endearing Habits of a Geeky Spouse.

From the cute:
#9. Being romantic in unusual ways. Because who wouldn’t love to be wooed with Shakespeare in the original Klingon or a poem written in Elvish? Red roses are nice, sure, but they’re so … mainstream. When was the last time someone gave you a flashing LED heart?

To the practical:
#5. Having a lot of hand-me-down gadgets that are still perfectly good. While I can see how it might not always be endearing that we love to get the latest technology the moment it hits the street, if not sooner, this habit does have a fortunate side effect. “Why do I need to upgrade to the iPhone 3GS? Well … because I know you want an iPhone, too, and this way you can have my 3G!”

Bless. In case you feel that there needs to be a balance of opinion on this one, it’s actually a follow-up to the 10 Annoying Habits of a Geeky Spouse.

Of course, I have no spouse – geeky or otherwise – but if you remove the romanticism/lifetime commitment elements, they’re pretty good examples of what’s fabulous and downright tedious about geeky friends too.

And, in the style of Gizmodo, here’s what didn’t quite make it this week:

A cyber cheetah…Another geeky t-shirt but this time with animation and batteries…A puppet that provides technological ‘advice’ and general offense…And today’s gadgets if they were made in 1979.

Fun & games for Friday

After a dry patch last week, this week I’ve got a variety of things to entertain you with on the dullest day of the week. I however, will not be in need of any of them as I shall be having a mini away day at the British Library, pretending to be all academic and stuff.

First up is another Gizmodo gem, similar to one I posted a few weeks back – every week there’s a different photoshop contest and the results are usually fairly amusing. This week’s was:

There are many gems and some running themes – like various Guitar Hero related games (Lute Hero??) – not to mention a version of Tetris that should get released. It brought light to my Wednesday morning when it arrived, with images often greeted with a muttered “awesome!”.
(I wouldn’t set much of a standard by that, later the same day the discovery that a badge with my employer’s logo on fitted into the hole on a box file was greeted with the same adjective. It seems I exaggerate often.)
But favourite of them all would be this one:

And, should you still need further entertainment, the Borowitz Report is usually good for a laugh. I always forget about it until my amusement-providing friend reminds me, but with headlines like Ayatollah Warns Iranians: ‘I am following you all on Twitter’ and Wall Street Salary Caps Drive Away Assholes, who could resist?