Belated birthday brilliance

My 30th birthday has really been the birthday that keeps on giving. In the last couple of weeks I’ve acquired two birthday gifts that are quintessentially me – I have excellent friends.

The first of these was actually a bonus birthday/moving house gift from the lovely Annabelle. Ordered months ago, it had arrived late so she’d given me a lovely baking themed present instead. But the tardy present was (is) genius…

What are things I like? Well, jewellery would definitely be up there, especially earrings. What else am I passionate about? Punctuation. Can you combine the two? Why yes, it seems you can:

If you’d like your own punctuation, you can buy them from Nerd Goddess on Etsy.

Those, my friends, are mix and match punctuation earrings – semi-colon, question mark, speech mark, exclamation mark and…the all important apostrophe. Now whenever I have the urge to correct someone’s apostrophe usage, all I have to do is place my earring in the correct location. Marvellous.

The second gift arrived on Sunday, when my favourite Gloucestrians paid me a flying visit en route to helping their eldest move house. For weeks we’d been trying to fix up a meeting as they were very keen to give me my present, which intriguingly couldn’t be posted. When I was handed the parcel it was soon clear why – it was large and picture frame shaped, so presumably cumbersome and delicate. Unwrapping it, I discovered this:

In case you can’t read it, it says:

Lizzie likes… [Yes, they count as family, thus I’m “Lizzie”.]
Singing with the choir. [That’s a given.]
Yummy cupcakes. [Ditto.]
Chalet School books. [But of course.]
Travelling. [Hell yes.]
Flip Flops. [True, but now they kill my ankles.]
Church on Sunday. [And any other day.]
Glee. [Well duh!]
Paris in July. [Paris whenever really.]
The Greenwoods. [Like is an understatement.]
Ben Fogle. [Ahhhhh….]
Wishing she could still be a Brownie, even though she’s 30. [Running in-joke.]
How impressive! Turns out they’d only had to consult family on two items – favourite food and favourite celebrity crush. (My sister apparently suggested Colin Firth initially, which is odd as I don’t think I’ve ever professed an ardent liking of him – not that I’d say no, obviously. Ben Fogle is genius and true, the only alternative would’ve been Alan Rickman.) They really are the best gift givers on special birthdays – on my 21st I received a film poster style painting of my life (‘The girl from Tonga’…) – and they put a lot of thought and effort into it. Bless them.
So, once I finally get some special picture hooks later this week I’ll be able to adorn my new room with my new art. This and my specially commissioned Dave Walker cartoon will obviously have pride of place. 

Giving away…

Today is a special day. The people over at Sew,Mama,Sew! have declared December 3rd as Give Away Day. The idea is that bloggers all over the world will post one of their creations on their blog and offer it to a lucky person.

I am contributing a pair of earrings. They can either be the ones below, or the same design with a different colour crystal (you can specify – most colours are available) I will post internationally, as they’re very light, but I’m not sure how long it will take to reach you. They’re handmade (by me) earrings, with silver (allergy-proof) fittings and swarkovski crystal beads.

All you have to do is leave a comment that answers the question below and make sure that your comment isn’t anonymous – otherwise I won’t know who you are!

“What is your favourite Christmas tradition?”

[In a nod to Jo, she actually came up with this question when we were arranging this yesterday, but ultimately she thought of a much better question that she’s using for her blog!]

The way it will work is that comments posted by 9am (GMT) on Thursday will count. On Thursday evening, my friend Jowill peruse the comments and decide which one she likes best. The more unusual or comedy the tradition, the better!

In return, I will be doing the same for her give away. (This way, there will be no favouritism for friends who comment!) On Thursday night I’ll post the winner – so check back here to find out the result.

I’m also thinking about setting up an Etsy shop to sell similar creations. I’m not sure whether to go for it or not. Let me know if you think it’s a good idea. Incidentally, if you check out SewMamaSew! today, you’ll find a list of other bloggers doing the same thing, so have a look around and get commenting! Good luck.