There is much going on in life at the moment and I feel like sharing, just so that it’s out there…

  • I’m still learning to drive, though lessons are sporadic. Tonight’s was cancelled owing to a flat tyre and missing wheel nuts…but my confidence is increasing and one day I will conquer the Rotherhithe Tunnel roundabout.
  • As of yesterday, I appear to have the opportunity to help redesign the way my church does discipleship (or pastoral care, depending on your view of things) which is exciting – I rather like the fact that I have the chance to share my opinions. (I always like to share!) 
  • I’m looking for a flatmate. This is a thankless task that’s been dragging on for weeks and weeks. I hate it. So far there have been several no-shows (deeply annoying), a promising candidate who then changed their mind, and a couple of people who ended up being offered places to live that they didn’t have to pay for! 
  • In amongst all of the above, I need to fit in three visits to the gym per week, my 9-5, Sundays that are largely full of church and the important matter of socialising… 
The flat thing is a biggie. Majorly stressful in fact. In reality, I’m trying to hold onto it lightly as really it’s just a question of money and I shouldn’t stress out about it so much. Some friends have used the ‘God will provide the right person at the right time’ line (which actually, on reflection, is more often used in reference to men) which is all well and good, but quite honestly God, I believe the right time is now so could the right person just hurry up and arrive please??! 
Slightly ridiculously, the other rather stressful thing in my life right now is simply deciding whether or not to go out of town for a party this weekend. I’ve no idea why this has become such a dilemma – partly because of what it might potentially cost and partly because, well, I don’t know… [I do know, I’m just deliberately being enigmatic.] 
The thing is, in the grand scheme of things these stresses are all rather inconsequential. Neither will kill me. People – friends in fact – are going through far more traumatic things. All should be held in perspective. But I’m tired, and I’m fed up of making difficult decisions! 
Here endeth the splurge. 

An update on the driving saga

Two week’s ago I shared my driving dilemma with you, so I figured it was only fair to give you an update! In the end, I dropped the instructor but gave the driving school another chance. A few days later I fixed up another early morning lesson with a different instructor – but because of my gallivanting up north for work I couldn’t have the lesson for 10 days.

This morning I was at the window at 8am, but by 8.15 I’d given it up as a lost cause and got ready to head out. Minutes later a phone call blamed bad traffic…

I’ve just got off the phone trying to organise another lesson. (Missing the first 5 mins of Gavin & Stacey as a result – not impressed.) This instructor does lessons till midnight some nights and I think I’m willing to attempt driving in the dark, though I don’t think I fancy the mean streets of Bermondsey at a time when I’m usually (or at least should be) in bed! However, despite his long hours, my rehearsal schedule and his babysitting requirements don’t quite match up. (He said I’d probably not fancy having a 6 month old in the car with us, not sure I’d mind, but I’d hate to be responsible for traumatising a small child with my terrible driving.)

Currently, lesson number 2 (I cannot believe that in nearly a month I’ve still not managed a second lesson!) is scheduled for December 15th, with the option of lots of lessons when I have a week in London off work after Christmas. (Though that wasn’t entirely what I had planned for that week!)

However, I’m also thinking of maybe researching a few other instructors to see if anyone else can give me lessons when I want them. If it wasn’t for the fact that my major competitor had lesson 10 this evening, I’d be seriously considering giving up. After all, what do I actually need to drive for?

A driving dilemma

Last week I had my first driving lesson in almost five years. I’ve decided that the time has come for me to finally acquire this life skill and just get on with it.

I actually hadn’t intended to blog about the driving thing so soon (I was waiting for the inevitable hilarious tales I could tell about errors and mishaps), but, I have a dilemma…

My driving instructor is perfectly good. I felt confident with him and he was good at explaining things BUT he doesn’t seem to be too good with punctuality. He was almost half an hour late for my first lesson and was a total no-show for my second one this morning – despite ringing last night to reschedule from 8am to 7.30am. Believe me, I don’t appreciate rising before 7am for no good reason! Several hours later I had a text blaming a sleeping tablet & failed alarm clock and offering a lesson at any point today – but I’m at work, so it’s not practical.

The dilemma is this:
The best time for me to have lessons is immediately before work. It’s still light, I can be dropped off at the tube station and not arrive at work later than 9.30 (which is perfectly acceptable) plus, it leaves my evenings free for the myriad things that usually occupy them – pilates, gym visits, rehearsals to name but a few. But lessons before work mean that punctuality is hugely important, an 8am lesson that begins half an hour late means I’m half an hour later for work and a 10am start isn’t anywhere near as acceptable as a 9.30 one. Is starting on time too much to ask?

So, I need to decide whether to fire my instructor and find a new one or, stick with it and tell him that punctuality’s important – thoughts?

[And another thing – my biggest fear is that if I go for option 1 I’ll end up procrastinating again & not have more lessons for ages. I need to make sure that those who nag, sorry encourage me to drive, keep on at me…]