Friday Fun with furry things

As I predicted last week, thanks to the theme of this week’s Great British Bake Off quarter final, I have been craving biscuits. (Specifically gingerbread, which is oddly hard to find in shops at the moment – unless the entire capital was suffering the same craving.) It has therefore made me happy that two items in today’s Fun are cookie related…

Firstly, a delightful set of Dr Seuss – Star Wars mash ups:

Talking of furry things with cookies, you can never have enough of Cookie Monster. Especially when he’s doing a parody of Call Me Maybe:

Which leads me nicely to another YouTube treat, also involving characters from the Jim Henson workshop. Ben Folds Five and the Fraggles anyone? Yes, I thought so…

Whilst we’re talking song parodies and hairy creatures, regular blog readers will be familiar with my love of Josh Groban. Honestly, the man can do nothing wrong in my eyes. At the recent Emmy’s he did a fabulous job of paying (mock) tribute to comedian Jimmy Kimmel via a parody of One Direction’s What Makes You Beautiful. [Incidentally, I actually think that’s one of the best pop songs ever. Can’t stand the band itself, but the lyrics are incredibly empowering and I do like to dance around the lounge to it.] 
Finally, something genuinely furry and a little bit more intellectual. Have you ever encountered Henri, le Chat Noir? A delightful creature who continually seems to be fighting ennui in a typically French and feline fashion, it’s not your average cat YouTube video, but a step above the usual fodder. Below is the first of three gems:

Friday fun for the start of the academic year

Forgive my absence for the last 10 days – there’s been the mother of all end of summer essay crisis (two essays due on the first day of term no less) plus a staff retreat in the middle of nowhere, so I feel I have a justifiable excuse. Fear not though, I have been keeping track of some fun tidbits to amuse you upon this autumnal Friday…

For starters, something that seems apt for the beginning of a new academic year – the 10 worst book covers in the history of literature. This was winning for me…

…until I saw this one:
I want that jumper on the left. That’ll make me cool, right?

Continuing the retro/educational theme, in the week that sees the arrival of iPhone5, it seems an appropriate moment for 20 misty memories of personal computing. Beginning with the dial-up noise (oh, how many memories that sound brings back!), continuing with the whirr of a floppy disc loading, and picking up the original Sim City and construction clip-art along the way, this is a great way to feel really old before your time. 
Retro and yet modern is the fantastic result of what happened when someone took a disposable camera to the Paralympics. In case you were wondering what London 2012 might have looked like in 1992, look no further than this delightful blogpost. [Incidentally, that entire blog is delightful – if you have a thing for quirky photography, you’ll love it.] 

Finally, two videos that are perfectly suited to Friday Fun – because where would Friday Fun be without cats on the internet and musical flashmobs? 
Firstly, Zadok the Priest spontaneously performed in a supermarket (in honour of Classic FM’s 20th birthday – did you realise that station was so young??). Make sure you look out for the reaction when the singing comes in, simply awesome. [Thanks Anne for the tip off!]
Secondly, from the sublime to the ridiculous – what happened when a cat had to have medicine and its owner felt guilty. (Aka, how to amuse a cat with 40+ boxes…)
May you now have all you need to face your Friday with glee.

Eclectic Friday Fun

I’m not even going to attempt tenuous links between today’s offerings – they’re all utterly unrelated, but their diversity should provide you with some entertainment, even if your taste in fun doesn’t precisely match mine…

First up is a bit of culture. Earlier this week, the Hairpin linked to a gallery of Life magazine’s most boring covers, which proved to be much more entertaining than you might imagine it to be. (Surprisingly, many of them were Christmas editions.) Then it emerged that there was also an online gallery of famous magazines’ first covers – very intriguing. The two galleries will probably divert you for at least 5 minutes, so that’s a decent Friday morning distraction.

That’s Vogue and National Geographic – both have come a long way since they began.
Picking up the ever amusing subject of cats on the internet, I also offer you Louis Vs Rick, the story of what happens when a man teaches his cat to IM – delightful. Here’s a sample of their conversation to whet your appetite:
RickDickens77: Well, it’s not really.. I mean, you can use it for certain things, but usually people don’t use it because it looks like yelling.
RickDickens77: Well keep it to yourself, I’m trying to get things done so I can bring you dinner.

Thirdly, it wouldn’t be Friday without the opportunity for some frivolous dancing, so I offer you an interesting take on the ‘choreographed first wedding dance’ thing, this time with the Father of the Bride burning up the dance floor…

It also wouldn’t be a proper Friday of Fun without some singing – or, given the end of last week’s fun, some Lady Gaga. How about a group of older people singing Bad Romance in a Chinese dialect, accompanied by Beijing’s Crystal Orchestra? It’s both sublime and ridiculous!

I’m beginning to wonder if I should make Gaga a regular Friday feature – there appears to be enough random interpretations of her work on the internet to keep this blog full for quite some time to come…

Have a delectable Friday!

Cheesy Friday Fun

Classic fun, I believe, should include children and animals – after all, their behaviour is difficult to control and thus moments of comedy are usually spontaneous and utterly beautiful. So, despite it being hugely cheesy, here are three fabulous child/animal related moments to brighten up your day:

1. Kitten being hugged by a cat
Awwwwwwwwwwwwww! It’s a teeny-tiny kitten being hugged by its mummy! Awwwwwwwwwwwwww!

[Side-note: have just remembered that my friend Katie’s recently adopted cat gave birth to some teeny tiny kittens last week and I’m going to Bristol to visit her tomorrow. Maybe I’ll get to see the super cute kittens! Maybe they’ll be asleep and need hugging!]
Cat excitement now ends.

2. Small child catching their first fish (and naming it ‘Free’)
I adore this – I love the irony of his name for his first catch; the fact that he’s scared of touching it; and most of all, that he thinks the fish is beautiful.

3. Child Vs Otter race
This is pure, spontaneous genius. I love otters generally (it’s a niche joke, but I only have to hear the phrase “make me an Otter I can’t refuse” and the giggles are unstoppable…), but who knew that they could be so canny?

If children and animals really aren’t your idea of fun, what about actual cheese – and fonts? Why not waste a few hours of your Friday by playing Cheese or Font. Turns out I know neither my cheeses or my fonts well enough, clearly I need font top trumps in my life…

Dress down Friday

Friday’s the day when dressing down in the office becomes appropriate. (Actually, in certain areas of my office every day is a dress down day.) It’s the one day of the week when I feel that wearing jeans is ok – more than ok, as it’s essentially my floor’s end of the week uniform.

The problem with jeans is that they can be uncomfortable – you know how it is when they’ve just been washed and haven’t stretched out again? They’re absolutely the worst thing to take a nap in, or wear after a big meal. But fear not, some bright spark has come up with the solution: Pajama Jeans.

Oh yes, they look like jeans and fit like jeans but are lined with ‘dormisoft’ fabric to make them feel like PJs. [Incidentally, you’ve got to love the person who made up a word based on Latin origins – dormio = to sleep – thus ‘dormisoft’ means they must be soft enough to sleep in. Presumably this also makes it look terribly scientific.] Don’t believe me? Check out this infomercial and I’m sure you’ll be convinced:

This week it irks me that I’ve had a full five day week while in America they had yet another public holiday [at this moment, please ignore the fact that I had the day off on Wednesday to shop]. Presidents Day seems to be an odd holiday, but I’m probably just a jealous Brit who loathes the fact that we have many dark weeks with no public holidays from January 2nd until whenever Easter falls – and this year it’s falling rather late for my liking. Anywho, I did derive some amusement from the holiday because someone out there decided to order the 43 Presidents in order of hotness. (Before anyone comments that there were 44 Presidents, actually there weren’t – the numbers just got messed up because Grover Cleveland was President for two non-consecutive terms.)

I love a good list and I’m a big fan of American history/politics (at one point I could list a significant number of them in order, it’s not a great party trick), so this was an intriguing read. For a start, #1 is neither of the Presidents that you might expect it to be and George W. Bush is ranked ridiculously high (within the top 10 in fact). Definitely worth a perusal.

You know who came in at #9 on that list? Reagan. And what controversial defence policy was he responsible for? The Strategic Defense Initiative – otherwise known as Star Wars, which enables me to link (albeit tenuously) to a fabulous video…

Star Wars fans, have you ever wondered how you might explain the world of Han Solo and Luke Skywalker to your offspring? I mean, it’s a pretty big deal – some might say it’s practically a religion. Fortunately, some American dads have pondered this question and these are their thoughts:

(By the way, whatever your feelings for Star Wars, that video’s worth watching just for a cute teeny-tiny baby sporting a knitted Yoda hat!)

Finally, it simply wouldn’t be Friday without some amusing animals. This week I offer you Hats for Cats.