Dressing Up

Do you want to know what I’m wearing? 

[This isn’t going anywhere dodgy – promise!] 
Right at this moment I’m clad in a pale blue evening dress. It’s Saturday night, I’m watching X Factor and I’m wearing what’s effectively a ball gown. 
Here’s the thing. Life has far too few opportunities to dress up properly. Sadly, we no longer live in the era (or have the money required for the lifestyle) of dressing for dinner. Parties at which ‘proper’ evening dress is required are few and far between; cocktail dresses can get a regular airing at weddings and fancy functions, but floor-length dresses are usually reserved for balls and concert dress. Sadly, I haven’t had an invitation to a ball in almost a decade and my last black-tie concert was 5 years ago – the only time the dress I’m currently wearing was worn. 
You’re now gaining a random insight into my life. Sometimes, when I have the flat to myself and get a sudden flash of inspiration, I pull my fancy clothes out of the wardrobe and try them on. Partly, it’s to check whether they fit; partly it’s to remind myself what they look like; and partly it’s to imagine that I have some swanky event to wear them to. I don’t think any girl grows out of the childhood love of dressing up… 
So, I have a campaign. I want to bring back fancy events to which such clothes can be worn. Where men will be wearing black-tie – an outfit that never fails to make its wearer better looking than they are in civvies. Hope is on the horizon, I do at least have an invite to a 1930’s themed dinner next month (the continuing roll of 30th birthdays) which will require both fancy outfit and hair. But nothing at which the blue dress could be worn – so if someone would like to organise a ball I’d be most grateful. 
Failing that, I may have to simply wear these dresses on normal days – so I can get my money’s worth out of them. Floor-length dresses might be a tad tricky on the tube’s escalators, but I’m sure I’d get the hang of it. Who’s with me? 
I couldn’t really leave this post without a photo of the dress, could I? 
It’s not a great picture of the dress, but it’s a favourite because it tells a story – though not one that anyone bar maybe 2 readers will get. 
Plus, I’m rather smug in the realisation that the dress now fits a lot better than it did then.