Short & sweet Friday Fun

I’m in the mire of two big deadlines (8,000 words in total) due next week, so I haven’t the time to do a ‘proper’ Friday Fun, despite having plenty fodder.

BUT, there is one thing that’s brought me respite at intervals through the week which I’d intended to share – given that it’s fun and transport related. Out there, some brilliant geeks are working on a metro game, where you can create your own transport system. You connect stations; cross rivers; resolve capacity issues; and ultimately aim to safely carry as many passengers as possible. The game is over if serious over-crowding occurs, just as in real life.

It’s in beta, so they’re welcoming feedback and in the course of the days that I’ve been playing it I’ve noticed both bugs and improvements, so you’d actually be contributing something too! This is what the developers have to say:

Mini Metro is an upcoming minimalistic subway layout game. Your small city starts with only three unconnected stations. Your task is to draw routes between the stations to connect them with subway lines. Everything but the line layout is handled automatically; trains run along the lines as quickly as they can, and the commuters decide which trains to board and where to make transfers.

Mini MetroThis was one of my more successful escapades. I think I got 397 passengers [note the number in the bottom right corner] before over-crowding shut down my system. The circle on the bottom left is a new station – they appear at intervals and you have to work out how to incorporate them. The symbols at the stations are passengers waiting for trains – panic ensues when those lines grow longer! But each time Sunday rolls along (see the clock in the top right corner) you are offered a choice of bonuses, from extra capacity trains, to additional river tunnels.

At times it seems fiendishly difficult, but practice improves things! (Although I did note that my friend Matt had already reached 471 when he sent me the link, but he is a techy nerd, so maybe he’s just better at these things!)

Anyway, there’s your challenge for the weekend! Enjoy!


  1. Argh… you may have given me a new addiction! I haven’t got over 290 passengers yet though…

  2. Can’t. Stop. Playing.

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