Une semaine à l’école vicaire en France

Apologies for the light posting of late – there have been deadlines for other writing projects, sermons, exciting weddings and general life-admin. [Tickets for Christmas have been purchased, the dentist has been visited, various cards have been renewed, grandparents have had a visitation – I’ve been on fire!] Now, I’ll be in an internet black hole for a week as vicar school decamps to an old monastery in France.


This is my third and final trip (in fact, the college has grown so much that it’s the final trip for everyone) and I’d like to think I know exactly what to expect. Thanks to my grandparents, I have a travel kettle with which to boil water for tea (3 varieties) or hot chocolate (myriad sachets) and my hot water bottle. I’m sure that I will be able to provide comfort for many! [My response, on receiving the kettle yesterday, was: “Yay! Now my room will be party central!” With one accord my mother and sister rolled their eyes and despaired.]

Party central will probably be the poker players (yes, that’s what trainee vicars do for fun). On previous trips it was the Spoons collective, but so many of our number got ordained last year that it seems an insult to their memory to play it again (plus, there are pregnant people who can’t risk getting injured). So I may simply channel my inner Victoria Coren, forget my Methodist roots and put my efforts into finally understanding poker! I’m sure that’s a more worthwhile goal than understanding the books of Hosea & Amos?

It’s not all fun, the final year students will (in addition to studying the prophets) get some practical lessons in baptism, marriage, funerals, burn-out (well, not burning-out), preaching and the joys of the Anglican Communion. Personally, I’m hoping they need volunteers to wear a wedding dress.

I’ll be back in a week, no doubt with plenty of blog fodder. Until then, adieu!


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