Friday Fun with tampons, tastebuds & transport

Yes, tampons.

I’ve had to wait two weeks to share this gem, but trust me, it’s very worth it! (And massive thanks to Jenni for sharing this with me.) I don’t think I need say more than its title – Tampon Vs. Mooncup rap battle:

Yes, it’s a Mooncup ad, but it is laugh-out-loud hilarious. And kudos to Mooncup for managing to get ‘no strings attached’ in as a final line! Utter genius. (And no, I’ve still not tried it.)

If you think that’s terrible advertising, try this Russian Tampax ad – which gives a whole new meaning to ‘shark week’…

Moving on to something a little less, well, bloody. It’s got to be time for some transport geekiness. Firstly, geekiness of a London variety – were you aware that somebody has spent nearly 50 years working out what each tube station tastes like? Not that he went around licking station walls, apparently he has synaethesia which mixes up senses in the brain, meaning that he could taste what he saw. It’s an interesting concept as I’ve often associated particular stations with particular smells – Elephant & Castle station smells just like the NYC subway, for example. (Poor Russell Square has only managed to taste like celery, which effectively means that it tastes of nothing.)


Talking of New York, we might make a lot of fuss over the ways in which the Tube map has changed and developed, but watching the subway map’s progress between 1924 and 2012 is fascinating. Interestingly, it wasn’t until 1972 that the map became standardised…

NYC Subway GIF

Finally, possibly the most education a capella YouTube video I’ve ever watched  – so educational that I actually didn’t fully understand it, but that’s probably because it’s about String Theory. Bohemian Gravity is an excellent piece of work and very watchable, even if you don’t really know the first thing about Quantum Physics. Oh, and it features a singing Einstein sock puppet – what’s not to love??

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