Friday Fun for the Bank Holiday

Greetings – I have just enough time before my annual pilgrimage to the green fields of Cheltenham Racecourse begins (aka Greenbelt) to share some fun with you. Apologies for the minimal blogging of late, I’ve been trying to wrap up an essay before the festival (which I’ve pretty much succeeded in) and been hugely productive in all areas of my life, other than blogging…

Firstly, the obligatory TfL fun. This week we have a 3D visualisation of the whole network, created by the departure/arrival data that TfL have recently begun releasing to the public. It is very pretty and I recommend having your sound on as it makes satisfying train noises too. It’s utterly hypnotising…

3D Tube


Secondly, if there’s one city in the world that’s almost as great as London, it’s New York. I’m a big fan of black & white historic photos of the city, so I rather adore a project by a blogger who is comparing archive shots with modern day New York. If you go the site, the photos have a slider so you can see more or less of the two photos. Fascinating.

Grand Central 1913 2013You can’t get more classically NYC than Grand Central Station.

Something else photographic which is pretty random, but fairly absorbing, is the humanae tumblr, where headshots of various people are placed against the Pantone colour background that matches some of their facial skin tone. Yes, I realise that doesn’t really make sense, which is why you need to see it:


Finally, the obligatory musical Friday Fun – and it’s amazing! I did share this on Twitter & Facebook last week, but if you haven’t seen it, you *need* to. An extremely talented impressionist sings Total Eclipse of the Heart in the style of at least 12 divas. It’s awe-inspiring – well, if you’re a wannabe diva who loves a good karaoke session.

And now we have a new game to play at karaoke…

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