Friday fun with history and dates

Before you get too caught up in all the stresses and strains that a Friday afternoon in the early part of the 21st Century brings, allow yourself a few minutes to see how life used to be…

Isn’t that beautiful? I can’t quite believe that once upon a time, there were no tall, shiny buildings behind the Tower of London; or that horse and carts were regularly sighted on the bridges of London. I don’t think I’m alone in finding it strangely poignant too – the many young men featured would probably be fighting in WW2 within little more than a decade.

From the sublime 1920’s to the ridiculous 1920’s. You know what’s set in the 1920’s? The next season of Downton Abbey. Ever wondered what this next season might look like if it was performed via the medium of Musical Theatre? No, I hadn’t either, but someone did and it looks rather wonderful:

As with so much of life, the dominant pre-occupation of Downton is relationships – primarily, marrying the right person, with the right inheritance, at the right time. (And then producing an heir to that fortune before script writers kill off one of the parents…) In the 1920’s, they had society balls. In the 2010’s, we have online dating. OK Cupid! would be one such example of this kind of match-making facility, but sadly it is not quite as attractive an option as a society ball. This is partly because you can make an amusing YouTube video out of the ridiculous things men include on their profiles – witness:

You think they’re exaggerating, don’t you? They’re not. Christian dating sites are even worse, apparently. Men publicly declare that they’re looking for ‘their princess’, or that they will ‘respect your purity’ – and use profile photos that feature themselves crying, or believe that their church building is an adequate image to use instead of their face. I digress. But talking of Christians, this gives me an excellent opportunity to share this video, which helpfully connects with the subject of Christian dating…

And with that, I should get back to my wrangling with the Doctrine of the Trinity. Nothing changes in the Christian world – people will always use ridiculous words in attempts to communicate the incomprehensible.

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