(Probably) A Final #TFBloggers Post

If I was being terribly honest, I’d have to say that the biggest impact that the Uganda trip has had on my life over the last week has been to do with sleep – or rather a lack of it. The sleep deficit from Sunday night’s flight has barely been filled. The (seemingly insignificant) three hour time difference reared its ugly head at 5.30am every morning until Friday. My sleep (what there has been of it) has been filled with peculiar Malarone fuelled dreams that have had me awakening in a cold sweat on more than once occasion  [Bizarre dreams have included former Archbishop Rowan swimming the Thames and Denise van Outen as a dinner lady…]

Final Day of MalaroneYesterday was the final day of Malarone. I rejoiced via Instagram.

The thing is, I’ve not really had time to fully process the trip yet. I’ve said to a few people that the processing process has been tricky, partly owing to the reason we were in Uganda in the first place. We were there to blog and the immediacy of that blogging was key to the trip’s success. So on one level, there was a certain amount that we processed immediately. But it also meant that we were constantly doing things, leaving little time for reflection. The past week has been crazy busy and no end is in sight, at least this side of Holy Week, when I may finally get a day off. Vicar weekends, theological conferences and a 5,000 word exegesis of Galatians deadline are all conspiring against me. There is still a lot of processing to happen, but I’m not entirely sure when that will be. At some point there’ll also be a debriefing session with Tearfund [if you ever go on a trip like this, ensure you get a debriefing opportunity, they’re vital!], but a lot of the reflecting and thinking will be up to me.

In all probability, this will be the final entirely Uganda trip related post. But the processing will continue via writing for a little while, just in other locations. There are some follow up articles to be written for different publications in the coming months, which will probably build upon some of the themes I began ruminating on in my writing here. [I’ll share the links as and when they appear. One of my current internal debates is whether to face the wrath of the Guardian Comment is Free commentors – comment is free, but it can also be fiercely brutal.]

The children of OgongoraUntil next time, Ogongora.

I’d also like to use this post to thank Tearfund for giving me this opportunity in the first place. In particular, a massive thank-you is owed to Holly (who came up with the idea of a bloggers’ trip and made it happen) and Katie (who supported Holly’s idea and came with us) – I’m so grateful for all you’ve given us through this experience! I’m very conscious that I’m only a small fish in the huge pond of Christian blogging. There are plenty of other bloggers and tweeters who would have leapt at this opportunity and done a fantastic job of it, so I count it a massive privilege to have been given it. It will be an adventure whose memories will last a lifetime and I’m sure it will continue to impact my life in many ways in the years to come.

It seems only right that I should also flag up the Tearfund campaign we were in Uganda to witness for ourselves. If you’ve been inspired by any of the stories and experiences I’ve shared over the last couple of weeks, do take a look at See For Yourself and find out about more of the ways in which lives across the world are being transformed through community mobilisation.


  1. Great “final” post … I’m having the same problem with sleep, and was just saying to someone this morning that we were up/out/back/blogging/sleep & repeat that the other stuff hasn’t really sunk in yet… Great to spend time with you, and look forward to it not being too long before we catch up!

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