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Finally, I can blog about an exceptionally exciting (in my small world) adventure that begins in 10 days time! I struggle with secrets, so having a social media embargo on this was quite a challenge…

On February 24th, I fly to Uganda for a week, courtesy of Tearfund. I’ll be travelling in a team of four, Katie from Tearfund, Dave Walker (of cartoon fame) and Bex Lewis (world expert on ‘Keep Calm and Carry On’), with an aim to live blog, tweet and generally record via social media our experiences. We’ve even been turned into a cartoon…

Tearfund-bloggers-cartoon-square2DWThe main point of our trip is to visit a village that’s the Ugandan element of the See For Yourself campaign (which I wrote about after the Digital Day last year), and to share our interactions, reflections, conversations and experiences so that people in the UK can hear about it. I’m genuinely a big fan of this campaign, because it does two things I think need to be at the centre of our thinking with regard to international development and mission:

1. It empowers local communities to identify their development priorities and equips them with the skills to achieve their goals.
2. It helps British communities to continue to grow in their understanding that ‘mission’ is as much local as it is international.

It’s about mobilising communities for change (appropriately, the programme is known as ‘church mobilisation’ – cunning), and we’ll be visiting the community of Ogongora which has been engaged in this for a few years now. Then we’ll visit two other communities who are earlier on in the process. Here’s some of Ogongora’s story:

So, right now I’m rather excited! This is my first ever trip to the African continent (a fact that seems to shock many people – clearly I appear to be very well travelled) and gives me an opportunity, at the end of the trip, to catch up with a flatmate of old who is married to a Ugandan and lives in Kampala. I’ve always been a passionate journaller of my travels, and finally these will have a purpose!

I’ll be posting regularly during the trip; Twitter will be a hive of activity; photos will appear on Flickr; and bandwidth dependent, there may be video blogs too. You can follow everyone’s contributions via the Tearfund website which will brilliantly collate it all. If you’re not in the least bit interested in this, tough. Stories about lost underwear and London undergound will resume when I get back in early March.

And this is me, in cartoon form, I rather like it!



  1. Thanks for the heads up on your old blog… I was one of those Blogger subscribers who didn’t realize you’d moved. The new site looks great!

  2. Promise I won’t keep posting comments but………the cartoon Katie does look rather like Mim, spooky.
    Or is that just me?

    • Actually, that’s Bex. I guess she looks a little like Mim! (And posting comments is fine – it’s what blogs are there for!)


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