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Some of you may remember that a few months ago I decided to make the move from Blogger to WordPress and had acquired lizclutterbuck.com along the way. In fact, I know some of you remember this, as sporadically I’ve had tweets from people asking why it hadn’t gone live yet.

There are several reasons. For a start, the site is being built for me, for free, by a generous friend (who’s also using the process to teach themselves some new skills) and not only have they been busy over the summer, they’d also hit upon a technical hitch that needed resolution. When getting things for free, I don’t tend to hassle!

But some of the blame lies at my feet. Always prone to procrastination and an inability to make important decisions quickly, I’d delayed some key elements of my own contribution to the site – the most important of which was its name.

Look above this post. You’ll notice the title of this blog is ‘Eliza Does Very Little’. It was an unusual moment of inspiration on the quiet night in 2005 when this blog was first created and it’s served its purpose well. But the point of developing a new site was to have a website of which this blog will be part, rather than just a blog. It’s also meant to be more professional looking and less amateurish – so could do with a rather more serious name.

However, there’s a problem: I can’t think of a new name.

At a breakfast meeting with my web developer yesterday morning [this sounds absurdly efficient – in fact they’d been staying at my place and we only remembered to talk website half an hour before they had to catch a train] we contemplated the options. In truth, unless I have a sudden lightbulb moment, there is only one option – to name lizclutterbuck.com the highly original ‘LizClutterbuck.com’. In the words of the famous advert, it does exactly what it says on the tin, but it’s not at all creative.

So, blog readers, I need your help. Can you think of anything more interesting? Ideally something short and sweet (I’m drawn to a pair of words for some reason, I just can’t think of two) and not at all cheesy.
Suggestions happily received in the comments, via Twitter, on Facebook, in an email or a text, or, if you’re really retro, on a carrier pigeon.

I’d be most grateful!


  1. Provocations and play
    Sobriety and silliness
    Life and laughter….
    …ok perhaps something not alliterated!

    Have your faithful readers, score a short-list of options!?
    Get it live and it can evolve! 😉

  2. Interestingly, there’s been a lot of support on Facebook for something involving my name. Apparently Clutterbuck’s too glorious to ignore!
    But evolution is always a good plan…

  3. Clutterbucking


  4. The problem with something too simple/straightforward is that there will already be 101 permutations of it out there (I was thinking along the lines of Liz Talk or the even more vague Tea and Cake). I may have the domain name to match my online handle but that hasn’t stopped a number of WordPress.com/Blogger-hosted sites having annoyingly similar names to mine!

    But your surname is probably just unusual enough to get around that.

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