Friday Fun with animals and politicians

Ahhh, the first Friday of the school year. All around the country, teachers will be breathing a sigh of relief that it’s the weekend, while parents are bemoaning the return of their children after only just giving them back to the education system again. On both counts, it’s a day in need of fun…

It’s been a while since the last Friday Fun and as a result, the notes in my phone of things to highlight have become a little mysterious. I’m particularly disappointed that, despite Googling, I can’t work out what gem ‘hamsters eating popcorn’ referred to – but fortunately, I have another hamster gem that fills the void. I believe the title – 2 hamsters, 1 wheel – says it all.

Animals are traditional Friday Fun fodder, as are amusing musical videos. Occasionally, Star Wars themed things are fun too, so this re-interpretation of Call Me Maybe using all six Star Wars movies is doubly fun. (Warning: features Jar Jar Binks.) 
Moving on to some slightly more niche fun, many of you will be aware that election season is hotting up over the pond. Most of the time, us Brits watch proceedings with disbelief at who is considered a potential leader of the free world, but every so often we get inspired too – like after Michelle Obama and Bill Clinton’s speeches to the Democratic convention this week. I’ll always have a soft spot for Bill Clinton, partly because he made my A-level in US politics so much more interesting than it might have been thanks to the Starr Report and the impeachment process, and partly because he’s the only US President I’ve ever got close to physically. [No, not in *that* way, obviously, well, maybe not that obviously given it’s Clinton we’re talking about…] He gave a lecture at my university in my 3rd year and I got to see him walk into a building – that was pretty exciting as far as I was concerned. Anyway, the niche fun is a trove of campaign videos from the winner of ever Presidential election since 1952 and it makes for fascinating watching.
Being the geek I am, I watched them chronologically from 1952 onwards. I’d recommend starting in that year, if only because Eisenhower’s film was short, animated and had a catchy song. After that, skip through the others until you get to Nixon whose films – in hindsight – are quite frankly creepy. Courtesy of the Museum of the Moving Image, The Living Room Candidate is a brilliant resource. As well as the films, the details of each candidate and the results of the election are covered too, so it’s both fun and educational. 
If you need a little antidote to that rather high-brow fun, I’ll close with another clip I’ve realised I’ve had opened in a browser tab for about the last month (possibly longer) presumably so I’d remember to include it for Friday Fun. It combines two of my favourite things: The Muppets and When Harry Met Sally. I’ll leave you to figure out the rest…

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