Friday Fun for an Olympic Hangover

I thought I’d have tons for Friday Fun this week – but it turns out that in the week following the Olympics, everyone is so desperate for fun that what gets out there ends up being circulated endlessly. Usually this would render items redundant for Fridays, but just in case you’ve been living under a rock for the last 7 days, here’s two Team GB beauties.

Firstly, Mo Farah running away from things. A simple concept that’s managing to have a little bit of longevity. One of my favourites only appeared a couple of days ago:

Lest we forget, Boris was alternative Olympic entertainment…
Secondly, a good ‘un in the long tradition of nice people lip-synching to cracking tunes – Team GB’s Don’t Stop Me Now. Even if you’ve seen it before, watch it again. I guarantee it’ll make you smile. 

Returning to Boris, did you manage to miss his dancing to the Spice Girls during the closing ceremony? I did – I was too busy composing some witty Twitter banter. But fret not, someone out there (within minutes) had created a gif so you could treasure the memory:

It’s also worth sharing what was without doubt the best part of the closing festivities. Britain got back into its natural cynical state during the ceremony, but I think even the biggest moaners had a smile on their face once Eric Idle appeared: 

Finally, a little bit of fun from the real star of the last few weeks – the glorious city of London. Specifically, its transport network. Someone’s been having a bit more fun with stickers on the tube – remember Stickers on the Central Line? I think most of these have originated from that source. But peruse ‘Fake Subway Signs in London’ and chuckle. This was a particular favourite:

I hope this goes some way to easing your Olympic grieving process… 

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