Friday Fun with the entire universe

Something mind-blowing with which to kick off Friday Fun today. Ever wondered how the various elements of the universe compare in terms of size? From a teeny-tiny neutron, to a double decker bus, to the Milky Way? Wonder no more and simply engross yourself in this awesome website

My mind was officially blown for some time after playing with this. Utterly amazing! 
The kind of person who can create something like that is probably someone with a touch of OCD in their life. In fact, I’m of the opinion that all the best people are a tad OCD – I freely admit that it exists in my world in terms of book organisation, symmetry, labelling and general organisation. Last Sunday at the birthday party, I was responsible for checking decorations were straight because it bothered me in the same way as it would bother the birthday girl – OCD is genetic. Perhaps you think you have no OCD tendencies at all? Well, try looking at these ’19 images that will drive your OCD self insane’ and see if you cringe… (I’m already upset by the lack of a round number!) 

You know what really upsets me? The fact that you can’t do proper symmetry with Stickle Bricks – it bothered me all the way through my years of working with under-6’s at church. With Lego you can, but Stickle Bricks? No. Thus, picture #6 really struck a chord:

Finally, a little something to calm you down – after all, there’s nothing as calming as a good power ballad is there? How about a parodied power ballad about bacon? You might dislike Celine Dion with a passion (I have to say, I don’t – I may own multiple albums of hers…) but you probably rather like bacon, or like it enough to watch some of The Power of Bacon. Genius.

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