When comments go bad

I’ve always loved getting comments on my blog – virtual friendships have begun via them; I’ve been affirmed; discovered new blogs; had some great discussions; and been made to look a bit of a twit by friends. Very occasionally I’ve had a bit of a random comment, spam or suchlike, and I’ve simply not published them.

However, over the last week or so I’ve had a series of comments that have been random, fairly offensive and just plain ridiculous – and all from the same person. When I got the first, I thought I’d finally made it in the realms of feminist blogging as I’d had my first troll! In response to my review of How to be a Woman, came:
“feminists are neo lib idiots who have never understood the relationship between splinter groups of vague leftist inverance to the real left, those who fight for the rights of workers every day and every moment. discussing the use of my pussy with bourgeois overeducated morons is not my cup of tea at all.”

Of course, in true cowardly comment mode, the author didn’t have an open Blogger profile, so all I knew was that she went by the username ‘superchick’ and used an ISP based in Italy. I shared it with a couple of friends and a dinner party, we laughed, and I thought little more about it. 
But on Wednesday came a surprise. Apparently superchick fancied joining us in France, having left a comment on my post detailing what activities I’d got up to there. As I told Twitter:

“Curious… The person who left offensive comments on my blog last week has returned & asked if they can come to France. Short answer: no.”

Definitely odd. So this apparently wasn’t a one-off, this random comment-leaver was seemingly intentionally reading my posts. 
Since then, there’s been a comment on every post…

“but you never thought about the people kicked out of their homes and the corruption”

No, makes no sense to me either. 
On Friday’s fun, she left two comments – clearly thinking the first hadn’t worked – but both were essentially the same, and basically just plain rude:

“i think you need to get hold of reality”

I’m not actually sure what I find worse, her rudeness or her lack of grammar. 
Here’s the thing. These comments are becoming really annoying and there’s no way of me blocking them. I may not be publishing them, but I can still see them and they’re so utterly pointless it’s just a pain. So this post isn’t so much for my readers as a whole, but more for superchick herself. [My sister made the very sensible suggestion that I contact her by the only means possible – a blog that I know she’s reading.] I don’t mind random comments on my blog, even if they disagree with my point of view. That’s the whole point of blogging. But writing comments that make no sense or are simply rude is just pointless. You’ve had your fun, now just stop. Thanks. 


  1. Ooh, if “superchick” responds to this post, can we see the comment please? Just this once?!

  2. James P says:

    Why censor genuine comments in the first place? Your readers don’t need to be protected from them – only advertising spam and dodgy links.

    • Meant to reply to your tweet but never quite managed it! I didn’t publish them because I thought they were completely irrelevant and I didn’t want to see them on my site. But I have published her most recent one and replied to it because it at least engaged with what I said in this post – though I wish she’d replied on this one!

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