Classic Friday Fun with a French twist

As it’s been so long since I last managed a Friday Fun post, I thought I’d kick off this week’s with some classic, end of the week, fun – namely cute animals. There’s been a few of these doing the rounds lately, but I’m sure they’ll bring some amusement, regardless of whether you’ve spotted them before.

Firstly, 33 animals that are extremely disappointed in you. It had me at #1 – the disappointed rabbit:

Secondly – and, if possible, even cuter – 33 animals with stuffed animal versions of themselves. I was a particular fan of this pig:
If cute animals really don’t do it for you (craziness), what about some amusing humans? Specifically, amusing humans of a female gender and of British/Irish nationality who are on Twitter. The Huffington Post UK has done a good job of rounding up 50 of the funniest female tweeters and then created an amusing slideshow of top tweets, which I’d have included below, had they enabled it to be embedded… 
Finally, this post wouldn’t really be complete without some reference to my recent holiday (fear not, there’s still enough blog fodder for most of next week’s posts too). I’ve spent a couple of days frustratingly trying to get the hang of iMovie, and am now on my way to producing beauties akin to Jenni’s, but for now I’m satisfied with simply having combined three clips of car driving in Paris. I know that doesn’t sound fun, but if I can explain that the first clip involves the Arc de Triomphe (a multi lane roundabout with no logical rules) and the others were filmed when we were stuffed into the car like sardines, you might begin to understand the comic element within. [There are also more French videos to follow – including one so epic it’s too big to be transferred to me via Dropbox. You have been warned…] 
Anyway, this details some of the challenges faced in Parisian driving… 
(Warning: the first clip contains language some viewers – and French people – may find offensive. Otherwise, there’s just spontaneous ‘Yeehahs!’ and singing…) 

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