Friday Fun with drama, merchandise a puberty party…

It’s a truly random assortment for you this morning – no logic holds them together, other than that they amused me, but that’s good enough – surely?

First of all, something that is simple, yet awesome. If you watched the second episode of Sarah Millican’s new BBC show last week, you would’ve seen Simon Callow reading the words of I Will Survive to dramatic effect, which was utterly delightful. I was therefore pleased to discover something of a similar vein a few days later. People, I offer you a dramatic reading of Sexy and I Know It:

Secondly, something for the girls. Thanks to the ever amusing STFU Parents Twitter feed, I discovered the existence of a company that provides ‘menarche party’ kits. In case the terminology confuses you, that’s a party to celebrate girls getting their first period, or to educate girls about periods. Yes, it’s a nobel idea, but a themed party with plates, cups, banners and games? Surely that’s too much?

The party pack includes what you see above, as well as directions for a couple of games. ‘Pin the Ovaries’ is probably fairly logical (do you place them in the fallopian tubes perhaps?), but what on earth is the ‘Puberty Marshmallow Game’?? I guess it could simply be a version of fluffy bunnies, but what’s the connection to puberty? I’m almost tempted to buy a party kit, just to sate my curiosity!

Finally, something for Star Wars geeks – unless they’ve stopped reading thanks to the period references. While George Lucas may be trying to squeeze every last cent from the franchise, it seems there are spin off products that he’s not willing to endorse. Thing is, I think a Han Solo popsicle mould would’ve been a genius idea! Not to mention Princess Leia headphones…

The fun may not be connected by anything other than its shared ridiculousness, but it certainly is fun.

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