2011 Firsts

All the things I accomplished for the first time during 2010. 

Why I did this is explained here.

Joined Twitter

Stayed in Thurlby, Lincolnshire

Successfully negotiated a rope swing
Eaten Colin the Caterpillars (and begun an unhealthy addiction)
Moved up to level 3 plank in pilates
Eaten olives
Performed solo karaoke in front of total strangers
Had my hair styled in a Marilyn Monroe-esque fashion
Filmed a music video
Rowed for at least 10 minutes on the highest setting
Been to Ely (beautiful Cathedral)
Got asked to sing BVs (without having to audition)
Attempted needle felting
Visited Webbs of Whychbold
Been commissioned to be the official photographer at an event
Consumed a MaltEaster Bunny (and a couple more for good measure…)
Travelled to Northampton (not keen to go again)
Visited the Hummingbird Bakery
Tried (and failed at) pole dancing
Climbed the Monument
Listened to the jazz stylings & funky soul of Liz & Hilary Cole
Been to the 100 Club
Baked Pineapple & Coconut cupcakes
Taken a car through a car-wash
Read a book whilst cycling at the gym
Visited Royal Holloway College
Gone to Chichester (for all of 15 minutes)
Eaten cherry tomatoes
Created my first YouTube tutorial
Sung with RBCS
Eaten a Black Bottom cupcake (one word: wow)
Walked all the way from home to work (6+ miles)
Bought and cooked with courgette
Reversed around a corner
Conducted a job interview
Played poker
Driven over Tower Bridge
Gone to New Wine
Worked in a cafe
Ordered pizza online
Baked marshmallow cupcakes and Red Velvet cupcakes
Bought clothing in Topshop
Owned a size 12 dress
Visited Broadcasting House
Owned something from FCUK
Driven onto a ferry (& used the Woolwich Ferry)
Been to a play at the Olivier theatre
Attended ‘Last Orders’ at Greenbelt
Drunk sherry
Listened to the Wittertainment podcast
Visited the Swedenborg Society
Led a student group
Run around Southwark Park
Visited the Highgate Mennonites
Stayed in Leicester
Chaired an AGM
Been to a service at St Paul’s Cathedral
Owned an iPhone
Drunk absinthe
Sung with the Swingle Singers
Attended the Olympia Horse Show
Flown from Birmingham International Airport

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