Friday Fun with molluscs

Last Saturday, I sat on a sofa with a group of friends and watched a couple of YouTube videos on TV. [This in itself is still something of a novelty…] There was much squealing and ahhhing, followed by impressions of the lead character over dinner. Instantly I knew what the next Friday Fun would have to be…

The first Marcel the Shell with Shoes video came out over a year ago, but I only discovered it last weekend when a friend who was already a fan discovered that a second one had emerged. They’re beautiful shorts, about a little shell called Marcel who wears shoes – he drives a bug (though he can’t control where it goes); he sleeps in bread; has a raisin for a couch; and is petrified of a pet dog. Watch both, you really won’t be disappointed!

Interestingly, when asked how my friend first discovered Marcel, it turned out to be because it’s Josh Groban’s favourite YouTube video. [Not that she’d asked him, you understand – it was a question in an interview.] Mentioning Josh Groban and YouTube in the same sentence allows me to also feature this genius video which combines two of my great loves – Groban and Twitter…

I feel Josh Groban is often mis-labelled as simply an easy-listening, beloved by grannies, singer. In fact, he’s utterly hilarious, willing to make fun of himself at the least opportunity – witnessed in his Glee appearances and his legendary hosting of Never Mind the Buzzcocks. Love him. [And for this reason am insanely jealous of one of my oldest friends who got to meet him at his recent Birmingham concert – no fair!] Could someone get me him for Christmas? Cheers.

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