The challenges of friendship – a photostory

I have loved getting to know the group of friends I spent last weekend with. It’s great to have people with whom you can completely be yourself and who understand the eccentric ways in which you tick. It pleases me that my introvertedness is understood to the extent that I was offered a car ride in France just to have some time-out from the masses and that when conflict looked set to dampen my mood on Sunday morning, I was whisked off for a tour of Chichester.

All such groups have their own dynamics and quirks. A common theme with this particular gathering is never knowing where everyone is at any one time. A cursory glance at my texts reveals four or five messages along the lines of ‘where are you’, ‘do you know where X is?’, ‘I’ve been left behind’, and ‘Don’t forget X – she’s in the pub’. Sometimes I think it’s a miracle we ever get anything done!

On Sunday, we took a walk along the beach at West Wittering. It was beautiful and just what was needed for blowing away cobwebs and having a bit of meditation time. However, in typical fashion, we arrived in two separate groups and it took a while for us to be reunited – despite clear directions to the missing pair that all they needed to do was walk to the beach and turn left…

 Looking out for our missing companions
Note the holding of phone to ear.
“We’re waving at you…there’s three of us…we’re waving…we can see you, can you really not see us? We’re right in front of you…”

“We’re still waving…”

Finally, they spot us.

Hugs aplenty. 
(Who’d have thought they’d only been missing for half an hour?)

“How did you manage to lose us?”

Honestly, I’ve no idea how we’d function without mobiles…

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