Further Friday Fun of an a cappella nature

Discovered on Tuesday, via a colleague’s hysterical laughter, is a video gem that is doubly fun because it includes comedy outtakes that are longer than the original feature. My colleague was whooping, shrieking and nearly crying with laughter, so of course I had to ask what she was watching. Soon I was shrieking too and let me tell you, such noises echo when you emit them in the balcony of a Georgian church. It’s good – really good – though you might not expect something entitled ‘a capella dubstep’ to be that funny:

Turns out Tuesday wasn’t the first time my colleague had seen this beauty – it’s so good that the funny just keeps giving!

If that’s a little too crazy for you, or you want something calmer as you get your breath back, how about some lovely Peter Hollens? A friend of the Swingle Singers (and previously featured in Friday Fun), this is actually less calm (and certainly an assault on the eyes given the amount of neon clothing featured) than I may have initially suggested, but it’s definitely fun…

Any friend of the Swingles is a friend of mine… [Incidentally, they have a gig in London next month – anyone want to join me?] In fact, another musical gem is their performance as backing vocalists for Labrinth & Tinie Tempah on Radio 1’s Live Lounge yesterday:

[Ok, yes, I may still have a teeny-tiny Swingle crush…]

Earlier this week the Swingles also posted a special ‘Welcome Back’ video for troops returning from Afghanistan (including one of the Swingles’ brothers) which I only just got round to watching as I wrote this post. It’s rather lovely and also includes a brief glimpse of a couple of friends from church, which is always slightly exciting. (In fact, the presence of my wise friend’s husband Juan would suggest it was recorded in their studio which I’d have visited a couple of weeks ago were it not for a small car versus motorbike incident that wise friend got us involved in…)

If none of that musical fun floats your boat, how about a complete tangent and some photos of dogs in Star Wars costumes? It made me giggle heartily, and long to own a dog that agrees to dressing up. Megan the Labrador has sadly always considered herself above such things – she removes the bow I place on her every Christmas with enormous haste. Spoilsport.

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