For Christmas I would like…

…some hot librarians please.

You know how much I adore books? You know how my Oyster card wallet contains a veritable top trumps of library cards? [I see your 1 year Bodleian card and raise you a 3 year British Library ticket…] You know how much I long for an intellectual, bookish, beardy yet hot man? You know how much I love utterly inappropriate calendars? [Perhaps not, but wait & check my archives.]

Christmas came early with the discovery of Men of the Stacks – a 2012 hot librarian’s calendar.
Be. Still. My. Beating. Heart.

Actually, don’t get your hopes up, they’re not all that promising. Personally, I’d buy the calendar and leave it on Mr January for the rest of the year:

At my office farewell in the summer, the Strategic Leader designated to give a speech decided to highlight the appropriate-yet-inappropriate calendars that C and I had had for two years running (it’s lucky that I’ve known him longer than I’ve worked with him, else I could have felt very convicted by the speech). Much amusement was derived from the Calendario Romano, aka ‘the hot priests calendar’ – I’m just sorry we never  acquired the Mormon version (see above link too)… You can only buy the hot priests in Rome and my mother was mortified when requested to acquire the 2010 version on a trip there – I’m sensing that she wouldn’t be up for purchasing the librarian version for me. 
Anyway, it’s for charity – obviously – so much good should come out of it, plus the fact that it shows librarians not to be the old lady with cats stereotype that’s been perpetuated for decades. 


  1. Wow at that picture….

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